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Business Visa in Bangladesh | Types and Requirements

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8 jan 2020

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Visa Application Process In Bangladesh_Best Immigration Law Firm In Bangladesh

Business Visa in Bangladesh

Business visa is valid for six months in Bangladesh and as it is a multi-entry visa. From up to three to five (3-5) years, you can extend your business visa to Bangladesh.

You don’t get a business visa to work in Bangladesh. If you’re going to get a job, you need a work permit.

Nevertheless, you can use your business visa to carry out activities such as:


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Obtaining process of a visa in Bangladesh 

Bangladesh offers various types of visas to foreign nationals who want to use the current investment and work opportunities provided by the Bangladesh government. Visa from any foreign country is relatively easy to obtain, but there are no clear guidelines and the procedure of diplomatic missions in Bangladesh varies from mission to mission.

A visa to be obtained from the Bangladeshi diplomatic mission in the country of the visa applicant will be required for business visitors to Bangladesh. Depending on the political climate and other domestic issues, visa availability varies. It is generally recommended to obtain a visa before arrival in your home country.

General Requirement of visa (There will be additional requirement based on the type of visas)

  • Filled-in application form
  • Photographs (Size: 37mmX37mm and recent one): 02 copies
  • Valid passport and
  • Payment receipt of visa fee

Types of Visas:


Visa Types Law Firm In Dhaka Bangladesh

Here are the Visa Classifications in details:


 Business Visas in Bangladesh


Business visa is usually approved for business people who want to make use of the possibility of doing business in Bangladesh. For example, meeting various business people and government officials to make investments in Bangladesh, visiting factories and workers, testing legal barriers, contacting various staff to discuss possible business strategy in Bangladesh. However, the purpose of such a visit should be limited to the type of activities mentioned above and the person with business visa is not permitted to do any kind of business without the permission of the relevant authority (e.g. BIDA, BEPZA) or to engage in any kind of work without work permit.

        Employment Visa in Bangladesh

A Bangladesh employment permit enables its holder to work and be employed in the country. It is a multi-entry visa and is valid for three (3) months in the beginning. Therefore, once it loses its value, you can also expand it. Note, however, that the period of validity depends on the duration of the contract of employment. The Department of Immigration and Passports will subsequently extend the validity of a multi-travel facility visa for a maximum period of 1 (one) to 2 (two) years at a time, based on the receipt of a work permit for employees, airlines, banks and insurance companies and on the recommendation of Bangladesh’s sponsors. 

Eligible persons:

(A) Govt-employed experts / consultants / employees. /Half Govt. Organization, organisations that are independent and similar.

(B) Local and Foreign Govt./Private, Industrial / Trading Organizations and Liaison Office, Branch Office employees and employees.

(C) Local and foreign workers and individuals. /Private undertakings and institutions of the same class.

Authorized duration of stay: The relevant Bangladesh Mission initially issues visa for a maximum period of 3 (three) months subject to submission of papers/documents in support of the appointment with application.

Indicative list of required documents: Letter of Appointment and Letter of recommendation from the concerned Ministry in Bangladesh / Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) / Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)


Us Embassy Visa Types


 Investment Visas in Bangladesh


The primary purpose of the Bangladesh investment visa is to allow the holder to attend business meetings and keep them. But these meetings will, of course, be linked to their domestic investments.

The initial duration of this visa is one (1) year with a maximum of three (3) months per year, which means that every three (3) months the investor has to leave and re-enter Bangladesh. The visa may be extended up to five (5) years if the investor decides to continue investing in Bangladesh.

Note that a letter of recommendation is required for this visa. It can be from either a local or a Bangladesh sponsor from abroad. Another prerequisite is that you need a BEPZA or BOI certificate to prove you have a Bangladesh investment.

In general, seven (7) working days are the process time for this visa. You must seek a visa from a foreign embassy in Bangladesh.

Recall also that the investment visa does not allow employment to be taken up. Therefore, if you are planning to be employed in Bangladesh by a corporation, you must also obtain a work permit.

FE VISA in Bangladesh

Eligible Individuals: spouse and other dependent members of the Principal Visa group E.

Authorized period of stay: the same length of stay as the Principal visa trip in the E category.

Indicative list of required documents: Relevant documents e.g. birth/ marriage certificates / letter from recommending authority


“Visa from any foreign country is relatively easy to obtain, but there are no clear guidelines and the procedure of diplomatic missions in Bangladesh varies from mission to mission.”

Visa on Arrival in Bangladesh:


Eligible people: HSIA may also apply for VOA from foreign investors and business persons. VOA may not be qualified for by all nationals. The issuance of this visa is the Bangladeshi immigration officer’s sole discretion.

Permitted length of stay: 30 days.

Required document indicative list:

a. The candidate for the LP / VOA must have a return ticket together with

b. Letter or identity certificate from various associations of export-oriented commercial / industrial organizations (i.e.–FBCCI / BGMEA) in their letterhead specifying the relationship between the claimant and the organization and the length of the relationship.

c. The VOA applicant must have US $500 or equivalent foreign currency endorsed in his/her passport, credit card, debit card, travellers’ cheque or in cash.


Visa Application Process Top Law Firm In Dhaka Tahmidur Rahman



➤ E1 Visa in Bangladesh –


Authorized length of stay: E1 visa is granted by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh of the country concerned for a maximum period of 6 (six) months, subject to the presentation of papers / documents in support of the appointment.


Eligible persons: Persons visiting equipment and software / project supervision supply / installation / maintenance etc. Indicative list of required documents: invitation from the local sponsor, copy of the agreement, recommendation from the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)/Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)/department / agency.




➤ PI Visa in Bangladesh:



Eligible Persons: Investors in existing / new / under construction / new industrial / commercial entity in the private sector under a joint venture or a 100% foreign-owned company Authorized length of stay: PI visas shall be issued at the first application for a period of 3 months, if applied with the relevant documents.

Authorized duration of stay: PI visas are issued for a period of 3 months at the first application, if applied with relevant documents.

Indicative list of required documents: Certificate / Letter of BIDA / BEPZA (if applicable) certifying that the applicant is a genuine investor




➤ A3 Visa in Bangladesh-


Eligible Persons: Experts / advisers / officials / staff members / labors working in any project under the bilateral / multilateral agreement between Bangladesh government

and development partner agencies

Authorized duration of stay: The concerned Bangladesh Mission grant A3 visa for a maximum period of 3 (three) months subject to submission of appointment letter upon application.

Indicative list of required documents:

1. Recommendation from concerned Ministry / ERD / Govt. Organization and copy of agreement.

2. Security clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs.


 ➤FPI Visa in Bangladesh




Eligible Persons: Spouse and dependent members of the Principal travelling on PI category visa

Authorized duration of stay: same duration as Principal travelling on PI category visa.

Indicative list of required documents: Relevant documents e.g. birth/ marriage certificate / letter from recommending authority

➤FA3 Visa in Bangladesh:



Eligible Persons: Spouse and other dependent family members of A3 visa holders.

Authorized duration of stay: same duration as Principal traveling on A3 category visa.

Indicative list of required documents:

1. Recommendation from concerned Ministry / ERD / Govt. Organization/copy of agreement/MOU etc. with GOB.

2. Police Verification Report



➤ J visa in Bangladesh

Eligible Persons: Journalists of newspapers / magazines / TV or radio networks / news agencies / representatives of print, electronic or satellite media / freelance journalists etc.

Authorized duration of stay: usually 3 years

Indicative list of required documents: A clearance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘ External Publicity Wing is required for the issuance of J category visa. Usually it takes 21 days to process after the application has been submitted. The applicant must also apply, together with the visa application form, duly filled in FF-I and FF-II forms.




Visa Requirement In Bangladesh Law Firm In Dhaka

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