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Consumer Goods & Retail

The worldwide, multidisciplinary TRW Consumer Goods & Retail division has extensive expertise with the legal and business concerns that affect consumer products suppliers and manufacturers, as well as larger and smaller retailers. The team comprises attorneys with industry experience in important global jurisdictions, allowing clients to take advantage of a fully integrated network.

A stellar background in transactions and advice

Through their extensive understanding of the sector, their business, and the unique commercial factors that impact them, our industry specialists from throughout our global network provide our clients with first-rate legal assistance. We comprehend the economic, competitive, and regulatory challenges that the consumer goods and retail industry faces, as well as the dynamic nature of the business environment. For customers seeking assistance in overcoming these obstacles and accomplishing their strategic goals, Clifford Chance is in a prime position.


With attorneys from a variety of practice areas and our global network, our committed retail team serves as a hub for pertinent industry information. Our proficiency is in handling the legal and business concerns encountered by both smaller suppliers and retailers and big corporations. In addition to operational and daily concerns impacting their businesses worldwide, we often counsel multinational corporations on the execution of strategic initiatives like significant M&A and market growth.

Concentrate on high-end products

The luxury goods industry is growing in popularity. This is due to the fact that luxury goods companies that were founded in developed markets are increasingly turning to emerging markets in search of fresh opportunities to offset the effects of the low-growth environment in their home jurisdictions. Additionally, strategic investors are becoming more interested in well-known European brands.

Our worldwide network and specialized team of attorneys from several practice areas work together to provide customers with assistance in expanding into new markets and partnering with foreign investors. All of our attorneys have expertise with the legal and business concerns that smaller stores, luxury products producers, and international corporations encounter.

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Our Partner leading the MD’s and Boards of all 64 Banks in Bangladesh to reform relevant policies alongside central Bank

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Our Partners meeting with UK’s Minister for Business & Innovation

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