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Business Solutions and Governance

Barrister Remura Mahbub, the director of the Bengal Commercial Bank, founded our one-of-a-kind Business Solutions & Governance Group. In 2021, Mrs. Meheruba was joined by Tahmidur Rahman and a reorganization team of ten attorneys. Based on decades of experience in corporate law, governance, restructuring, and litigation,

Counsel to statutory and ad hoc committees

Tahmidur Remura TLS has developed cutting-edge capabilities to help clients achieve their objectives. This group serves as a think tank and proactive brain trust, providing clients with a variety of solutions; its members have a history of successfully implementing the strategy each client deems to be the best.

Debtor Representations

Our group collaborates with the top senior academic and consulting talent from the best law schools and business schools to assist customers in an innovative and comprehensive manner.

Our illustrious bankruptcy law experience enables us to give customers with transparent comparisons of in-court and out-of-court alternatives and to tailor solutions to each client’s specific needs.


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Additionally, the members of the Business Solutions & Governance Group have extensive trial expertise and a track record of high-profile successes, which bolsters our capacity to reach favorable outcomes with other parties.

Increase Share Value While Protecting Directors and Officers The Business Solutions & Governance Group’s next-generation capabilities stem from its selected blend of disciplines. For example, we combine governance with restructuring since some of the finest advice to enable directors and senior management to maintain a company’s health or to solve a material problem comes from lawyers and other experienced professionals.

For example, we combine governance with restructuring since some of the finest advice to enable directors and senior management to maintain a company’s health or to solve a material problem comes from lawyers and other experienced professionals. When investors incur losses, they witnessed how past acts and omissions are utilized against directors and management. The same characteristic between Enron’s board of directors and the boards of directors of firms revealing unexpected subprime losses today, for instance, is that none of the boards comprehended their companies’ embedded vulnerabilities.



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Our diverse approach enables us to create specialized instruments that enable directors and management to prevent “not knowing.” Consequently, we were able to create and implement a timely M&A plan for our client, Accredited Home Lenders, which provided BDT 300 million to equity while other mortgage lenders were being liquidated in bankruptcy. 

Our corporate, governance, and reorganization attorneys are aware that compliance with government regulations may result in real-time disclosures that allow the financial press to learn of a fire at a client’s main facility before the fire department, but will not reduce the likelihood of a fire. The Business Solutions & Governance Group, on the other hand, can teach a company how to use the output of its costly compliances to reduce risk cost-effectively and boost share value.

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Acquisitions in Difficult or Chaotic Circumstances
Our corporate, governance, and reorganization attorneys help map out takeovers, such as the takeover of General Motors.

Litigation Prosecution and Defense to Save a Company or Maximize Creditor Recoveries
Similarly, our litigation, restructuring, and governance attorneys engage in crisis management, pursuing and defending against “bet the company” claims, including mass tort cases, and maximizing the recoveries of creditors.


In the Refco chapter 11 case, we obtained JPMorgan Chase’s full principal, interest, and fees. Our comprehensive expertise resulted in a historic decision in Delaware protecting officers and directors from “deepening insolvency” claims.

in the instance of Trenwick America. Tahmidur Remura Dewey Leboeuf took on the representation of the Owens Corning bank debt holders and, via a series of landmark victories, were ultimately successful.
The value of the bank’s debt rose from $600 million to $2.25 billion as a result of chapter 11 plan talks and rising bank debt.

In the matter of Hawaiian Airlines, Tahmidur Remura Dewey Leboeuf achieved a $80 million judgment plus lawyers’ costs against a rival who misappropriated Hawaiian’s confidential information discovered during the airline’s bankruptcy proceeding. Through focused litigation, we boosted yields on Adelphia bondholders and improved plan treatment for Calpine Generating investors.

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Cross Border Solutions:

Tahmidur Remura Dewey & LeBoeuf has an extensive international presence. We have 6 offices around the world and often handle international reorganizations. Dewey Leboeuf co-chaired the first international conference on China’s new reorganization and insolvency law. 
Economic and Financial Consultant

Our expert group also consists of a highly qualified financial analyst. This professional’s engagement in Business Solutions & Governance Group matters enables speedy and correct examination of economic and financial difficulties from the early stages of our cases, as well as efficient compilation and presentation of financial and transactional data. Due to the fact that all of these cases involve commercial and financial issues, this capability greatly contributes to the cost-effective representation of our clients. Our internal consultant collaborates closely with other specialists and financial consultants hired by our clients to provide trial-related studies, presentations, and testimony.

In bankruptcy cases, out-of-court restructurings, and recapitalizations, the Business Solutions & Governance Group represents both creditors and debtors. The Group has represented clients in a wide array of insolvency matters, including complex mega-cases, reorganizations, financial and operational restructurings, bankruptcy litigation, cross-border insolvencies, insurance insolvencies, acquisitions of financially distressed assets, and in-court and out-of-court liquidations. The Group has experience in numerous industries, including retail, manufacturing, telecommu- nications, airlines, transportation, internet, energy, aerospace, financial services, building materials, asset management and investing, real estate, auto leasing, health care and health services, medical equipment and leasing, fire and life safety equipment, entertainment, pharmaceutical, apparel, textiles, mining, food services and restaurants, gaming, insurance, and others.

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The Group represents official and ad hoc committees, trustees, institutional lenders, insurers, lending syndicates and agents, investors, investment and hedge funds, bondholders, debtor-in-possession financiers, equipment lessors, vendors and other trade creditors, pension trusts, corporate trusts, indenture trustees, and landlords on the creditor/investor side.

Additionally, the Group represents creditors who are targets of litigation claims initiated by estate representatives.

Statutory, Special, Insurance Company, and Bank Debt Committee Reports:

Members of our firm have also acted as legal counsel for statutory and ad hoc committees, which have included insurance company and bank groups. These arguments have surfaced in the following bankruptcies:

Statutory Committees:

• Atlantic Computer, Inc.
• Custom Food Products
• Fed Mogul
• FirstRepublic-Interfirst
• National Gypsum
• Peregrine Systems, Inc.
• SpectraSite Holdings, Inc.
• United Merchants & Manufacturing • USG (Equity)

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Adelphia Communications Corp. (Senior Noteholders)

  • Bank of New England: Insurance Company Group (Headed by New York Life)

  • Calpine: Manufacturers & Traders Trust Bank (Calgen Third Lien Noteholders Steering Committee)

  • Dade Behring Holdings (Noteholders)

  • Fruit of the Loom (Noteholders)

  • Lehman Brothers Treasury Co. B.V.



What services do Tahmidur Remura provide in Business Solutions and Governance in Bangladesh?

Frequently, for Business Solutions clients require more than just attorneys and gray legal counsel. In order to make business decisions in the context of the Bangladeshi market, they frequently need practical guidance and strategic insight. 

It requires that we comprehend and speak the business language, not simply legalese, as well as come up with unique solutions and transaction structure concepts. Frequently, law companies must act more like a business solutions organization, and Tahmidur Rahman Remura is precisely that! 

Tahmidur Rahman Remura offers a wide range of legal services to preserve the firm's mission, which is to provide clients with comprehensive legal solutions. Consequently, we are able to assist you and your company by providing all necessary legal services that are incidental to your daily business operations or a specific transaction. 

We would gladly provide you with complete information about our services upon request. However, the section below highlights some of our most often requested services in Bangladesh.

What are the due-diligence that Tahmidur Remura provide in Business and Corporate Governance in Bangladesh?

Regardless of whether you are investing in a company, acquiring a project, purchasing land, or conducting a background check on an organization, legal due diligence is an essential aspect of any transaction or acquisition. Red flags uncovered during due diligence will play a significant influence in your company's decision on whether and how to engage in business or a stipulated transaction. 

Accord Chambers is available to facilitate a smooth and quick legal due diligence procedure. Our Legal Due Diligence enables you to better comprehend your business, become familiar with your firm, assist in evaluating the target company, assist with drafting the appropriate documentation, identify obstacles to closing, and provide legal opinions. At Tahmidur Remura TLS Chambers, we feel that it is essential to examine a subject from all perspectives. In instances requiring legal due diligence, we are devoted to providing you with all the information necessary to make difficult business decisions. 

Our extensive array of due diligence services includes: 

Target Company Due Diligence: If you want to invest in or acquire a company or enter into a long-term business relationship with an entity, we can perform a variety of fact-checking services by conducting searches with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSCF) to retrieve the company's statutory filings. 

Asset Due Diligence: Whether you are acquiring project land or selling your own, we do exhaustive due diligence on land papers. Services include verification of legal title and ownership chain, verification of documents from relevant government offices, aid with physical demarcation, and legal documentation support for a variety of land transactions. 

Human Resources Due Diligence: We do thorough HR due diligence to ensure compliance with Bangladesh's labor and employment legislation and to suggest action areas. 

Intellectual Property Due Diligence: We can assist in determining whether or not a company's intellectual property is adequately protected against the possibility of infringement. Thus, we investigate applications for copyrights, trademarks, patents, and intellectual property rights and advise on any pending claims. 

We conduct tax and transfer price compliance due diligence. 

Sector-specific Project Due Diligence and Market Entry Reports: We provide a complete report on all regulatory permissions, licenses, and sector-specific NOC requirements that apply to a particular project, giving you a bird's-eye view of all requirements under Bangladesh law.

What sort of experiences Tahmidur Remura has in Business Restructuring?

In the domain of Insolvency and Restructuring, Tahmidur Rahman Remura TLS has a substantial and well-rounded litigation and non-litigation practice. We have participated in numerous high-value and complex company restructuring and litigation matters. 

We have assisted our clients on individual and corporate bankruptcy, cross-border insolvencies, and group insolvencies, etc. We offer assistance not just with conventional reorganization processes, but also with negotiated and bilateral reorganization. We employ our knowledge in multiple practice areas to identify critical difficulties in restructuring consulting, addressing the needs of all interested parties while providing complete and seamless legal services to our customers. 

Our extensive and comprehensive plans address a wide range of difficulties that underperforming or distressed private and public sector firms encounter during restructuring. We are known for being extremely imaginative, pragmatic, and master strategists when it comes to attaining the goals of our customers, as well as being aggressive in ensuring recovery for them while adhering to regulatory requirements and minimizing reputational concerns. Our counsel has helped maximize results for all stakeholders, establishing Dhir & Dhir as a trustworthy partner to its clients. 

Our highly trained, innovative, and experienced team is comprised of attorneys, chartered accountants, MBAs, and engineers with specific expertise and experience in bankruptcy resolution. The company recognizes that there are circumstances in which a distressed business can be salvaged, rehabilitated, or reformed, and others in which liquidation is the best option to achieve value enhancement for the stakeholders within predetermined timeframes. 

Our team aids in maximizing recovery, safeguarding business or investment, preserving vital connections, and minimizing write-offs. However, if the distressed condition of a client cannot be resolved through a recovery platform, we then endeavor to develop methods that can take the customer through the process of insolvency resolution. We have consulted on some of the largest and most complicated reorganizations, and we take satisfaction in providing creative solutions and tangible business results.

What can Tahmidur Remura law firm in Bangladesh offer in terms of Commercial Advisory and M&A?

We had been at the leading edge of this converting surroundings and had been supporting and guiding our customers with the aid of using imparting prison guide throughout the whole variety of widespread company and transactional advisory for takeovers, mergers, demergers, and amalgamations, acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures, masking each factor in their necessities which include transaction structuring, time period sheets, MOUs, putting in place company entities & different organizational structures, enterprise switch agreements, Technology Transfer agreements, percentage acquisition in indexed/unlisted companies, personal placement, preferential allotment etc.

We also have excellent track records in due diligence, negotiating and drafting transactional documentation, Share Subscription agreements, Share Holders agreements, Share Purchase agreements, Share Transfer agreements, non disclosure agreements, escrow agreements, call & positioned options, go out options, minority safety rights, emblems and highbrow belongings rights, licences, putting in place funds/AIFs, personal placement Memos, Investment agreements, Investment Management agreements, IPOs, drafting prospectus,, compliance audits, regulatory and courtroom docket approvals and compliances etc., except the whole gamut of business contracts to assist them navigate the brand new regulations of the game.

Tahmidur Rahman Remura Barristers are famous for advising on complicated home/cross-border/multi- jurisdictional transactions, joint ventures, regulatory approvals & compliance, flotations, list of shares, debentures, bonds, business paper, Securitisation, company governance, competition & anti trust, privatization, management & leveraged buyouts and their surrogate structures, restructuring and company recovery.   In this process, we've mounted an enviable song file of advisory throughout the whole spectrum of company and different applicable laws, regulatory approvals & compliances, transactional advisory, fund elevating to its customers, which encompass home and global company, indexed or unlisted, different enterprise entities, investors & investees, acquirers & acquires, personal fairness funds, project capital, own circle of relatives offices, Banks, Financial institutions, multilateral economic institutions, sovereign funds, etc. 

Throughout the sectors inclusive of economic offerings, energy, infrastructure, healthcare, insurance, education, meals, client products, generation and media which include power, airports, highways, logistics, records generation, net and ecommerce, client items and manufacturing, hospitality, media, ports, mining, sports, aerospace and defence, banking, different infrastructure, etc. manufacturing, infrastructure (which include power, oil and gas, telecommunications, roads, mining and ports), records generation, media and entertainment, advertising, client products, automotive, pharmaceutical and healthcare, meals and beverage, economic offerings and different provider sectors.

Business Solutions And Governance Law Firm In Bangladesh
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Author’s Bio
About Meheruba Mahbub | One of the most innovative young lawyers in Bangladesh

Meheruba Mahbub is a finance partner and one of the Bangladesh's market leading international lawyers. She is head of the firm's Mergers and Acquisitions practice, which advises corporates and financial institutions on outbound and inbound investments, projects and financings.

Meheruba has a diverse finance practice , representing large banks, financial sponsors, and corporations. She specializes in acquisition and structured financings, loan portfolio purchase and financing, real estate financings, and inbound and outbound transactions. She has extensive expertise in the energy and infrastructure industries.
Work highlights

Meheruba has acted on many high-profile Finance and Commercial deals in Bangladesh and India. These include advising:

⦾ Standard Chartered Bank on the sale of a portfolio of loans in Bangladesh, the first in a series of similar deals in Bangladesh as part of the government’s directive to banks to focus on the robustness of their balance sheets.

⦾ the lending and underwriting banks on the refinancing of US$6.9bn worth of debt uninsured by the Summit Group

⦾ Brookfield Property Partners on the acquisition and financing of Unitech’s real estate portfolio

⦾ Enron on the US$3bn Dhabol power project (since renamed Ratnagiri Gas and Power), the first ever inward investment into the power sector

⦾ the sponsor and borrowers on the Sakhalin LNG project, the world’s largest integrated oil and gas project and the largest LNG financing in Russia

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