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Global Law Firm in Bangladesh.

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International law firm in Bangladesh

Continuously Expanding

Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid has developed into one of Bangladesh’s most cutting-edge and modern law firms by fusing its more than five years of legal tradition with cutting-edge global best practices. Our primary clients are domestic and foreign corporations, funds, and financial institutions that require prompt resolution of complex legal issues and accurate completion of challenging transactions. With offices already established in internationaly significant cities, we aim to continue our global expansion.

New York

Carrying the legacy of one of the biggest law firms in the world to ever exist, we are a firm that frequently advises our clients on assignments that span multiple practice areas and jurisdictions, we have well-established strengths in the emerging markets.

Tahmidur Rahman Remura  Wahid Dewey Leboeuf International Law Firm In Bangladesh


As a leading international law firm with an office in London, we offer our clients clarity. Clear thinking applied to their needs and objectives, and clarity in the way we deliver our advice. 


Tahmidur Rahman Remura  Wahid Giga Legal Law Firm In London



Our Partnership with A&A Associates in Rolex Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, which is a leading firm in UAE, makes your all business needs seamless from the comfort of your home.

Tahmidur Rahman Remura  Wahid A&Amp;A Associates Law Firm In Dubai

Join 170’s of Businesses that Have Grown with Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW.

Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid International law firm in Bangladesh

Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid is a leading international law firm in Bangladesh that serves as a trusted counsel to corporations, financial institutions, and governments around the world, with tremendous depth and breadth of resources spanning three continents.

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Never Ordinary

 Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid is a full-service international law firm in Bangladesh providing counsel throughout the Americas, Europe, Russia/CIS, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

International Banking and Finance law firm in Bangladesh
International Law Firm In Bangladesh

The Banking Group of Tahmidur Rahman is intimately familiar with the core concepts and interrelationships of these complex rules and regulations, as well as the nuances required to navigate through them securely and profitably. 

With a wealth of expertise, a solid technical understanding, and a firm grasp of the difficulties facing financial institutions, our banking law experts develop practical solutions to meet the needs of our clients. 

Our International Banking Practice serves a wide variety of clients and offers an extensive array of legal services. 

We often represent foreign banks, building societies, holding companies, and other financial firms seeking to establish federal branches, Edge Act corporations, international agencies, or overseas representative offices.

Service Type: International Banking law firm Services

Currency: USD

Always Evolving

Numerous financial institutions have been represented by our international lawyers in corporate acquisitions, sales, consolidations, mergers, receiverships, reorganizations, recapitalizations, and cross-border M&A transactions. In reality, the lawyers and barrister at Tahmidur Rahman Remura  have substantial expertise representing foreign banks and individuals seeking to acquire International financial institutions.

What it feels like to work in an International law firm in Bangladesh?

For a firm to have expanded to a number of different continents, it’s not surprising that, on the whole, it’s got to be pretty big. 


Working for an international firm means having a network of colleagues working in different time zones, sometimes with vastly different cultures and languages to the UK office of that firm. 

With this in mind, working at an international law firm is one of the best ways to get a sense of—and to be a part of—how law operates on a global scale.

What do an international lawyers do?

A global lawyer can specialize in worldwide regulatory law, international conflicts, or international commerce. Due of this diversity, a law student considering a career in international law will need to determine which topics, policies, and/or subject areas are of greatest interest.

Do International law firms only work with International clients?

International law firms typically offer a wide range of legal services; although they serve international customers, their activity is not limited to international law.

Working at an international legal practice will necessitate a substantial amount of work with domestic clients on issues ranging from employment law to criminal law.

Why Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid is considered a top global law firm in Bangladesh?

In recent years, Tahmidur Rahman Remrua has grown its private equity and restructuring businesses, which, along with its large-scale commercial litigation practice, make up the firm's primary legal service areas.

What makes Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW as the top international law firm in Bangladesh?

Our international finance group counsels clients on the whole spectrum of finance and restructuring concerns, ranging from standard bank financings to complicated workouts, as well as multinational and cross-border transactions. 

Our international financial attorneys take a unique approach, employing more than 6 offices* around the globe. 

  • Concentration on creating value and maximising efficiency: We function as integrated teams, with significant partner participation, and without a plethora of discrete groups of attorneys focusing on different goods. Deals are executed more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently. 
  • Experience versus mere knowledge: Instead of simply reusing the prior transaction, we draw on our experience with various forms of global financings. 
  • Quality Advice: Our world class advice is included in the package. We provide personalised advise on every transactions, as opposed to seeing them as basic paper-pushing tasks. 
  • Perspective and customized solutions: We contribute innovative ideas to a transaction, as opposed to simply saying what is "market."

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