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Legal Translation In Bangladesh

Legal Translation In Bangladesh

Legal Translation & Notary Services in Bangladesh

Barrister Remura Mahbub

Barrister Remura Mahbub
Director, Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW

24 Jan 2023

This article will explain in details about how we provide E-Notary and translation of high quality with utmost professionalism.

We offer high-quality translation services to individuals and businesses in Bangladesh through our Bangladesh Government Certified Translators. With 280 million speakers, Bengali is the world’s most widely spoken language. It is indigenous to the Bengal region of eastern South Asia.

We prepare, attest, or authenticate any instrument intended to take effect in any country or place other than Bangladesh in the form and language required by the law of the jurisdiction in which such deed is intended to operate. We translate and double-check any document from one language to another.

Why do you require certified translation service provider? 

People who want to apply for a Visa to Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, or any other European or other country usually need certified translation services. People look for certified translation services online and come to our office to get them.

If you need certified translation services, you should go to a professional translation company in Dhaka. Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW Law Firm is the best translation agency in Dhaka Bangladesh for providing certified document translation services both online and offline, as well as home delivery.

     Why Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW is Dhaka’s one of the most well-known certified translation service providers:

    Document translation is a critical type of work. It is difficult to locate the best provider of document translation services. You can find free document translation software on the internet, use it for free, and get an idea of the content of your document, but you won’t be able to make a decision based on the machine or software translation available on the internet.

    Furthermore, machine or software translation is not certified and is not acceptable for official submission. Only an authentic translation certified by a qualified translator and attested by a valid notary public can be submitted for official purposes, also known as certified translation.



    Best Law Firm In Dhaka

    The Process through which Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW provides Translation Services in Bangladesh

    There are some legal procedures as well as common practices to follow when submitting your translated documents to an Embassy. Learn how our document translation services can help you with your immigration, visit, or student visa applications.

      • The translated content is printed on plain paper or on company letterhead, depending on your needs.
      • A photocopy of your source/main paper is always attached to the translated paper.
      • For authenticity, both the source/main paper in photocopy and the translated paper are stamped with our firm’s ‘Service No’ (please note that on some occasions, offices or Embassies inquire about the translated papers)
      • Our translator signs and seals the translated paper.
      • A valid notary public must affix his seal to the translated document.
      • A translator certificate/affidavit is issued stating that the
      • translator is capable of translating and that the enclosed translation is true and accurate (please note that our translator has an English language/literature background as well as a legal background).
      • Other seals that are required are carefully provided.
      • Before concluding, every process, seal, and signature is double-checked to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
      • You can now get a complete set of ready-to-use translation documents delivered to your home.
      Best Corporate Law Firm In Dhaka

      Services that Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid TRW provide in regards to Legal Translation and  Notary Services in Bangladesh

      • Affidavit regarding Marriage – All religions inlcuing minorities
      • Succession Certificate
      • Deed of Will, Death Certificate, Domicile Paper
      • Land document translation
      • Deed Summary & Deed Details
      • Mutation, Khatian, Mutation Recommendation Proposal
      • DCR, Land Tax, Development Tax, Holding Tax
      • Conveyance Deed, Conditional Deed, Sale Deed, Agreement
      • Legal document translation
      • Decree and Judgement
      • Affidavit, Agreement
      • Power of Attorney
      • Educational document translation
      • Educational certificate translation
      • Marks Sheet, Admit Card
      • Birth certificate translation in Dhaka
      • Government document translation
      • Trade Licence translation
      • Family document
      • Nikah Nama
      • Marriage certificate
      • Divorce Notice
      • Succession Certificate
      • Relationship Certificate
      • Family Certificate
      • Birth certificate translation
      • Govt S.R.O, Notification, Gazette
      • Rules, Acts, Laws notification
      • Business document translation
      • Book, Literature, Technical, Medical, Specialized document
      • MSDS, Memorandum, By-Law
      • Marketing booklet, Service rules
      • Machinery handbook, Pharmaceutical
      • Other documents
      • Deed and Agreement
      • Name change/correction Affidavit
      • Deed of Partnership
      • House Rent Agreement
      • Sponsorship Deed/Agreement
      • Joint Venture Agreement
      • Assets Valuation
      • Affidavit

      Our translation services include:

      ☯ Account Translation
      ☯ Marketing Translation
      ☯ Government Translation
      ☯ Interpreting Services

      ☯ Any legal documents Translation
      ☯ Medical Translation

      Our Online Translation and E-Notary services also include:

      Medical statements/records, health cards, immunisation records, Criminal records, depositions, police reports, security clearances, court orders, judgments
      ☯ No impediment to marriage, parent’s consents
      ☯ Name change certificates
      ☯ Name/Date of Birth Change/Rectification
      ☯ Employment records, recommendation letters
      ☯ Correspondences
      ☯ Legal contracts, real estate lease and property papers, etc.
      ☯ Administration of oaths and affirmation
      ☯ Affidavit/Declaration
      ☯ Statutory Declaration
      ☯ Notarial CertificateChild adoption agreements

      ☯ Birth certificates, passports, ID cards
      ☯ Financial statements, powers of attorney
      ☯ Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, wills, death certificates, inheritance and donation papers
      ☯ Diplomas and academic transcripts High School/College/University
      ☯ Driver licenses

      Translator. Select Language. Learning, Translate Languages Concept. Audio  Input Output Control Panel With Flags And Plug.

      If you want to open a liaison office in Bangladesh or about branch formation click here!

      Usual cost of Legal Translation services in Bangladesh

      Many people want to know how much document translation services in Dhaka, Bangladesh cost. In fact, the cost of document translation services varies depending on the type of documents to be translated.

      There are literally thousands of documents that must be translated for various purposes such as traveling abroad, personal understanding, and company and business purposes.

      However, in general, the cost of document translation services in Bangladesh ranges between 1000 and 3000 Bangladeshi taka per page of the document or 6 to 10 Bangladeshi taka per source word (for documents with multiple pages), as charged by many translators in Bangladesh.  

      “Tahmidur Rahman – The Law Firm in Bangladesh is considered as one of the leading corporate firms in Dhaka, Bangladesh”

      BDLaw Firms Bangladesh

      We offer high-quality translation services to individuals and businesses in Bangladesh through our Bangladesh Government Certified Translators. With 280 million speakers, Bengali is the world’s most widely spoken language. It is indigenous to the Bengal region of eastern South Asia.

      We prepare, attest, or authenticate any instrument intended to take effect in any country or place other than Bangladesh in the form and language required by the law of the jurisdiction in which such deed is intended to operate.

      We translate and double-check any document from one language to another. Individuals, national and international corporate bodies, business companies, and a wide range of institutions can use our online translation and e-notary services.

      Our translator is professionally qualified and certified by the Bangladesh government, with extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge.

      Our certified translator has a thorough understanding of the Bengali legal, business, medical, accounting, and marketing systems, as well as the terminology used in specific fields.

      Our certified and professional translator has delivered first-rate legal translations to solicitors, attorneys, and lawyers all over the world.


      “Many people want to know how much document translation services in Dhaka, Bangladesh cost. In fact, the cost of document translation services varies depending on the type of documents to be translated.”

       -Remura Mahbub

      Are you planning to translate or notarise any legal documents in Bangladesh?

      Translation in Tahmidur Rahman Remura TRW

      The legal team of Tahmidur Rahman, The Law Firm in Bangladesh are highly experienced in providing all kinds of services related to forming and registering a Private Limited Company in Bangladesh . For queries or legal assistance, please reach us at:

      E-mail: [email protected]
      Phone: +8801847220062 or +8801779127165

      Address: House 410, Road 29, Mohakhali DOHS



      How do I translate a document legally?

      Though documents can be translated by a friend or relative, or notarized by someone with a notary seal, it is generally accepted that any legal documents must be certified in order to be accepted as true and unquestionable.

      What are the 7 different translation services types available in Bangladesh?

      1.Technical Translation.

      2.Scientific Translation.

      3.Financial Translation.

      4. Legal Translation.

      5. Judicial Translation.

      6. Certified Translation.

      7. Literary Translation.

      How do I hire a translator in Bangladesh?

      You can find translation agencies for hire by searching Google for "Legal translation in Bangladesh," "translation services," or "language service providers." You can hire a freelance translator on your own for smaller translation projects. Typically, the cost will be less than that of hiring an agency.

      How many hours does it take to translate one thousand words in Bengali?

      How many hours does it take to translate 1000 words?
      Translation project word count Expected turnaround
      Up to 1000 words 1~2 days
      1000~3000 words 2~3 days
      3000~4000 words 3~4 days
      4000~5000 words 4~5 days

      What are the common types of translation?

      The four most common types of translation in Bangladesh are as follows:

      Literary translation. Professional translation. Technical Translation. Administrative translation.

      Who is the father of translation?

      Saint Jerome

      The findings will improve our understanding of the process by examining the dossier of Greek versions of the Vita Sancti Hilarionis, a Latin hagiographical text composed at the end of the fourth century by Saint Jerome (dubbed the "Father of Translation").

      What are the main techniques of translation?

      What are the main techniques of translation?

      Borrowing. Borrowing occurs when words or expressions are directly taken from the source text and transferred into the target language.

      Calque (loan translation) ...

      Literal Translation. ...

      Transposition. ...

      Modulation. ...

      Equivalence/Reformulation. ...

      Adaptation. ...


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      Author’s Bio
      About Barrister Remura Mahbub | One of the most innovative young lawyers in Bangladesh

      Barrister Remura Mahbub is a finance partner and one of the Bangladesh's market leading international lawyers. She is head of the firm's Mergers and Acquisitions practice, which advises corporates and financial institutions on outbound and inbound investments, projects and financings.

      Meheruba has a diverse finance practice , representing large banks, financial sponsors, and corporations. She specializes in acquisition and structured financings, loan portfolio purchase and financing, real estate financings, and inbound and outbound transactions. She has extensive expertise in the energy and infrastructure industries.
      Work highlights

      Meheruba has acted on many high-profile Finance and Commercial deals in Bangladesh and India. These include advising:

      ⦾ Standard Chartered Bank on the sale of a portfolio of loans in Bangladesh, the first in a series of similar deals in Bangladesh as part of the government’s directive to banks to focus on the robustness of their balance sheets.

      ⦾ the lending and underwriting banks on the refinancing of US$6.9bn worth of debt uninsured by the Summit Group

      ⦾ Brookfield Property Partners on the acquisition and financing of Unitech’s real estate portfolio

      ⦾ Enron on the US$3bn Dhabol power project (since renamed Ratnagiri Gas and Power), the first ever inward investment into the power sector

      ⦾ the sponsor and borrowers on the Sakhalin LNG project, the world’s largest integrated oil and gas project and the largest LNG financing in Russia

      Email: [email protected]

      Address: 2 Turner Street, Canning Town, E16 1FH, United Kingdom

      Gender: Female

      Job Title: Barrister and Senior Associate

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