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Energy And Resources

TRW Chance’s global energy and resources group, with expertise in Capital Markets, M&A and Joint Ventures, Construction, Environmental and regulatory issues, Litigation, PFI/PPP, Project Finance, Restructuring, Real Estate, and Tax, provides innovative legal advice.

Our worldwide network encompasses Africa, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and focuses on the global energy transition, conventional electricity, oil and gas, and mining and metals. We assist customers in entering new areas and keeping up with market and regulatory changes. In greenfield initiatives, M&A, and equity asset and portfolio refinancing, we assist our customers identify and manage risks with top-tier legal advice, industry expertise, and an acute grasp of your business motivations.

Transitioning Energy

From the perspectives of project finance and development, regulations, M&A and JV, and construction, we advise customers on the whole range of energy transition-related prospects. Our primary areas of activity are:

  • Capturing, using, and storing carbon (CCUS)
  • Investments and trading in carbon
  • Pure hydrogen
  • Infrastructure for energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Modern nuclear
  • Renewable energy

Traditional power

We provide both local and international customers outstanding legal experience in the power industry, including thermal power and energy networks. Our strong track record includes effectively advising on a wide range of significant transactions and transactions, including joint ventures, asset swaps, privatizations, trading and marketing, regulatory and market reform, competition/antitrust challenges, environmental issues, and public procurement. We have excellent project development (including construction) and project financing practices for the world’s power industry.

Gas & Oil

In addition to having a team of recognized legal experts in the oil and gas industry, we provide deep resource depth, local expertise, and dedication to the major global oil and gas players. We advise on the complex legal, financial, and commercial issues related to upstream, midstream, and downstream developments worldwide.

Metals & mining

In the mining and metals industry, our global Mining & Metals group consists of attorneys from all of our international offices. We provide comprehensive legal advice to a wide range of clients, including mining companies, lenders, private equity investors, contractors, and governments, on all matters pertaining to the industry and its supporting infrastructure, from negotiating intricate concession and offtake agreements to developing greenfield projects, M&A, and arbitrations.

Notice: Energy

To be informed about the latest legislative and regulatory changes in Europe and beyond, sign up for Alerter: Energy. This service covers a variety of topics including mining, oil and gas, electricity, renewable energy, nuclear power, mining, environmental and climate trade, and general environmental concerns. You may save time and concentrate on the ramifications for your organization by reading through each warning, which emphasizes the most important concerns.


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