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How to transfer business ownership in Bangladesh

How to Change Business Ownership in Bangladesh: Your business will change as life does as things change all the time. It will be simpler for you to handle change as a business owner if you have a well-thought-out exit strategy [that will benefit your company's...

Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh

Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh 2024 Any business entity that wishes to export any authorized domestic commodities from Bangladesh, regardless of value or quantity, must get an Export Registration Certificate. This Certificate's legal basis is stated in...

Environmental Clearance Certificate in 2024

Environmental Clearance Certificate in 2024 For the purpose of issuing an Environmental Clearance Certificate, industrial units and projects shall, in account of their site and impact on the environment, be divided into the following four categories: Environmental...

Fire License in Bangladesh

Getting a Fire License in Bangladesh Supporting documents for a fire license are that are required listed below: You need a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, together with the Memorandum and Articles of Association. Building layout/plan requires a valuation...

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