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How to transfer business ownership in Bangladesh

How to Change Business Ownership in Bangladesh:

Your business will change as life does as things change all the time. It will be simpler for you to handle change as a business owner if you have a well-thought-out exit strategy [that will benefit your company’s success]. Because of this, a lot of individuals concurred that each owner of a firm should have a contingency plan in place that specifies what has to happen in the event that ownership is transferred.

Think about the following situation. You’ve decided to sell your business and retire. Whether you sell your company or transfer ownership depends on the specifics of the ownership transition and how it is structured. Because of this, it’s imperative to have a fallback strategy in place and to understand the process of transferring corporate ownership.

How To Transfer Business Ownership In Bangladesh
How To Transfer Business Ownership In Bangladesh 2

Change Ownership of a Business in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Six Steps for Transferring Company Shares

Here is a detailed breakdown of the six steps involved in transferring the shares of a private limited company that is registered in Bangladesh.

1. Determine if the transfer of shares is subject to any restrictions:

A private limited company’s articles of association may place restrictions on share transfers (AOA). Therefore, it is necessary to check the Company’s Articles of Association prior to initiating the offer exchange process. In Bangladesh, it is customary for an organization’s articles of association to specify the predetermined procedure that needs to be adhered to for any internal proposal exchange.

2. Kindly Let the Board of Directors of the Company Know

If a shareholder wishes to move the offers, they must notify the board of directors in writing of their decision to shift a section of the business. According to the Articles of Association, the Director may occasionally have the right to reject enrollment or relocation of offers.

3. The anticipated share price is paid.

If a shareholder wishes to move the offers, they must notify the board of directors in writing of their decision to shift a section of the business. According to the Articles of Association, the Director may occasionally have the right to reject enrollment or relocation of offers.

4. Form 117 Needs to Be Filed

Once the company gave its approval, the share price should have been paid. Whether the buyer and vendor are domestic or overseas, proof of payment is not required. If the seller is a Bangladeshi and the buyer is a foreigner, the Joint Stock Companies and Firms Registrar (RJSC) will require a letter of bank encashment in order to transfer the share.

5. Payment of Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is charged on the face value of each share.

After Form 117 is signed, a copy ought to be delivered to the Company.

6. Modification and Supply of Share Certificate Registrar Records

The company should update its share registrar, share transfer registrar, and minutes registrar when the aforementioned procedures are finished. It should also issue a new share certificate in the new shareholder’s name or amend an existing share certificate to reflect the changes.
The Company’s Share Transfer Requires The Five Documents Below

  • an official letter from the company’s board of directors approving the stock transfer.
  • a document outlining the quantity of firm shares that are being transferred.
  • Company Form 117 needs to be filled out and signed.
  • The Board of Directors of the company’s approval of the share transfer; a Certificate of Transfer of Shares (Certificate of Transfer of Shares).

TRW Law Firm’s Exclusive Consultation for Transferring Business Ownership  

In Bangladesh, the most fundamental type of business structure is the single proprietorship. Legally, the owner and the business are one and the same since a sole proprietorship lacks the distinction of an independent incorporated corporation. Each and every asset and liability of the business belongs to the owner personally. Personal belongings are not shielded from obligations and risks associated with businesses. As a sole proprietor of a business, you bear limitless responsibility. This implies that creditors who owe money to your company may pursue your personal assets if it is unable to pay its debts. This enormous financial risk is usually unknown to many business owners. The proprietor is held personally responsible for the debts of the business in the event that it is sued or cannot cover its costs. Further details regarding sole proprietorship are available in the proprietorship guide.
Transfer Ownership of Your Company with Confidence

In Bangladesh, businesses are restricted by limited guarantees or shares. Although it is theoretically conceivable to register an infinite business, these types of companies are not popular. A corporation whose liabilities are limited to the amount of its stock capital is known as an LLC. According to Bangladeshi law, a Private Limited corporation (PLC) is a registered legal entity separate from its members. In a limited liability company, the owners’ liabilities are confined to the company’s assets, and their personal assets are protected against corporate debts. There are two types of limited liability companies in Bangladesh: private and public.
Transferring Business Ownership For Private Limited Companies Precisely

A private limited company is a type of limited liability business that is not open to the public and has fewer than 50 shareholders. Most privately held companies in Bangladesh are registered as private limited companies. A private limited company’s stockholders may be people, corporations, or both. A private limited company is the most cutting-edge, adaptable, and expandable corporate structure in Bangladesh. It’s also the most advised form of business entity for serious entrepreneurs in Bangladesh (as compared to sole proprietorship or limited liability partnership).

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