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Camera Trial in Bangladesh

Camera Trial in Bangladesh in 2024 Exploring Camera Trials in Bangladeshi Law: A Comprehensive Overview In the realm of criminal justice, the concept of transparency and public scrutiny plays a crucial role in upholding the principles of fairness and accountability....

Withdrawal of Civil and Criminal cases in Bangladesh

Withdrawal of Civil and Criminal cases in Bangladesh Can a lawsuit or case be withdrawn after it has been filed? (Civil and Criminal) Criminal cases: Criminal cases are often classified into two types: I) CR and II) GR. GR cases are normally reported to the police....

Bail in Bangladesh: Everything about Bail in Bangladesh

Everything about Bail in Bangladesh Capital punishment, in the form of a death sentence, is applied to serious crimes. Additionally, one of the harshest penalties is life in prison. These penalties and sentencing guidelines are applied in rare circumstances. As an...

Defamation law in Bangladesh| Offence and Remedies

Defamation Law in Bangladesh and regarding its offences and remedies| Everything you need to knowTahmidur Rahman, Director and Senior Associate20 Oct 2019This post in will explain in details the Defamation Law in Bangladesh - offences and remedies, everything about...

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