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Our firm is centered on the industrial sector. We take great satisfaction in being able to provide a truly worldwide service. Our global Industrial Sector Group mobilizes the greatest resources of the company and utilizes our substantial sector experience to assist customers in anticipating and efficiently handling any operational, project, or transactional challenges.

The primary law dictating a worker’s rights and conditions of service is the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006. The Bangladesh Labour Rules, 2015 add to the Act.


Terms of employment

  • Working hours and overtime
  • Allowances and benefits for workers in Bangladesh
  • Holidays and Leave
  • Festival holiday
  • Earned Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Casual Leave
  • Procedure for taking leave
  • Provident Fund
  • Workers’ Profit Participation Fund (WPPF) and Workers’ Welfare Fund
  • Termination from service by the employer
  • Resignation by the worker

Can minors and teenagers be hired as employees?

A person who is between the ages of 14 and 18 is considered an adolescent by section 2(8) of the BLA, whereas anybody under the age of 14 is considered a kid under section 2(63) of the BLA.No child (under the age of 14) may work or be allowed to work in any profession or institution under section 34.

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