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Scheduled appointments

Please be aware that once you have scheduled an appointment with us, we have reserved time in our schedule specifically for you. We will do our best to arrive on time for the meeting, and we demand the same from our clients. We will wait up to 10 minutes for clients to arrive before declaring them a no-show and concluding the meeting.

Clients who cancel appointments less than 24 hours before they are due to take place will not be eligible for a reimbursement. To avoid this consequence, please notify us of your decision to cancel or reschedule the appointment at least 24 hours in advance. You can cancel or reschedule appointments by following the links in the event invitations or emailing us.

Consulting Services

We produce service deliverables depending on the information our clients supply to us via questionnaires that we send them after they pay for the services. We begin working on service deliverables as soon as clients complete the necessary questionnaires.

As a result, please understand that once a questionnaire has been submitted, 1) no further changes can be made to the information used to create the service deliverable, 2) clients will be ineligible for a refund on any funds paid to Expat Empire up to that point, and 3) any outstanding balances owed by the client to Expat Empire for the service will become due upon delivery.

In the case of service bundles such as premium packages, packs of several coaching sessions, and so on, clients will be ineligible for refunds once work on at least one of the services included in the packages begins. Clients are only entitled for a refund on service packages if they have not yet completed any service questionnaires, scheduled any coaching sessions, or utilized any of the services contained in the packages.

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