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Transport & Logistics

The development of an effective global marketplace is largely dependent on the transportation and logistics sector. Additionally, the business is one where changing legal and regulatory requirements need guidance and counsel that is international in scope.

Bangladesh’s rules pertaining to logistics and transportation are vital in controlling the industry’s activities. These laws provide the basis for the nation’s transportation and logistics rules, guaranteeing effective and seamless operations. Maintaining order and conformity throughout the sector is a major function and significance of these regulations.

Transportation and Logistics’ Significance

  • Increases efficiency
  • Lowers costs
  • Improves production turn out
  • Enhances inventory management
  • Prevents disruption in the supply chain

Principal tasks in logistics

Transportation, warehousing, packing, material handling, inventory management, order fulfillment, forecasting, production planning, procurement, customer service, and facility location are a few examples of logistics tasks. A large number of these logistical tasks are often delegated to unaffiliated middlemen.

Difference between logistics and transport

Transporting products or people physically is the main emphasis of transportation, but logistics also includes a wider range of tasks related to overseeing the whole supply chain process. Commercial vehicle, liability, and cargo insurance are often included in transportation-related insurance coverage.


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