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Project Mobilisation in Bangladesh

Project Mobilisation in Bangladesh

The mobilization phase is a brief period between the completion of construction documents and the start of construction. During mobilization, the primary attention is on two areas:

  • Finalizing General Contract award and contract issuance (small project); Finalizing GMP (large project)
  • Securing full Building Permit ‐ all projects

During the Mobilization phase, bids are solicited after the drawings and RFP are issued at the end of the construction papers. The General Contract or GMP is then negotiated. Although projects are fully funded, the Provost and CFO consider a contractor or GMP recommendation, as well as an updated budget projection, before approving the contract issue or GMP modification orders.

The permit drawings will have been submitted during the Construction Documents phase, thus the building permit will be issued at the same time or shortly after the construction contract is awarded. For modest projects, the permit cannot be obtained until the General Contractor has been chosen, as they must submit forms to finalize the construction permit.

Once the contract or GMP is granted, the Contractor/CM mobilizes to the site, arranges temporary utility service, and makes arrangements to preserve accessible channels of travel within the refurbished building or around the construction site’s perimeter.

Sample of Project Mobilisation in Bangladesh

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Project Mobilisation In Bangladesh 3

Project Controls
Description of Project Mobilisation in Bangladesh
CommunicationsIssue notice to project neighbors or affected departments confirming start of construction and logistics information
ReportingContinue project reporting; Monthly budget report contains updated budget based on contract/GMP awards
Board of TrusteesN/A
Capital Projects CommitteeN/A
Provost/CFOApprove General Contractor selection for Small Projects; Approve GMP recommendation for Large Projects
Steering CommitteeApprove updated OPR, GMP recommendation/budget allocations
User GroupN/A
Economic ImpactReview General Contractor proposals for compliance with M/WBE and workforce goals (small projects)
Vendor ManagementGeneral Contractor selected (small projects); major subcontracts awarded (large projects)
Cost Management
BudgetUpdate project budget and contingency management plan after award of GC contract (small projects)
Construction CostN/A
Cash FlowN/A
Schedule Management
Project ScheduleUpdate schedules
Regulatory/PermittingReceive building permit
Quality Management
Design ReviewsN/A
Construction QualityN/A
Risk Management
Project InsuranceN/A
FM GlobalN/A
Program and Design Management
Zoning/Planned DevelopmentN/A
Master Planning ConsiderationsN/A
AccessibilityTemporary accessible reroutes implemented, signage posted
Space ManagementN/A
Bird SafetyN/A
Engineering and Utilities
UtilitiesTemporary utility services to project site established if required
Building AutomationN/A
Fire ProtectionN/A
Operations and Maintenance
Building EnvelopeN/A
Interior FinishesN/A
IT ServicesN/A
Key Deliverables
Design DocumentsN/A
Contracts/VendorsGeneral Contractor contract issued (small projects), GMP agreement for large projects

Mobilisation checklist

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Mobilisation checklist are the process of ensuring that everything is in order and ready to go for the duration of the project. This includes creating deadlines, budgets, and other essential components. Mobilization checklists help you complete tasks faster, on budget, and with less risk by ensuring that no steps are overlooked or neglected.

What is mobilization?

Mobilization is the process of getting a project ready for implementation. This includes bringing the project team on board, getting them to start working together, and ensuring they’re prepared to tackle the responsibilities ahead of them.

The first stage in mobilizing a project is to identify all of the activities that must be completed before it can begin. Once you know what needs to be done, this list will help you assign responsibility for each task and set deadlines/milestones as needed.

Once these main activities have been determined, it is time to organize your resources, which includes ensuring that all equipment and tools are ready for use, gathering all assets required for the project, scheduling pickups and deliveries from suppliers, and so on.

Steps for Mobilizing a Project

There are five steps in the project mobilizer checklist:

Step 1: Define the project.
Step 2: Assess your resources.
Step 3: Define the scope of work (SOW).
Step 4: Define the project management plan (PMP).
Step 5: Define the timetable and budget.

  • When should you use a project mobilization checklist?
  • What is a mobilization plan?
  • What are the steps in creating an effective checklist?
  • Why do project mobilizers require a checklist?
  • When should a checklist be used to mobilize team members in the workplace?
  • Why Do You Need a Mobilization Plan?

A detailed plan is required to ensure that the project remains on track, is successful, and is completed to the satisfaction of the client. This is your mobilization plan. A strong mobilization strategy will save you time, money, and resources by assisting you

Ensure project delivery on schedule and under budget. Ensure all stakeholders are aligned with tasks at each phase. Avoid missed deadlines and cost overruns by ensuring everyone understands expectations at each stage.

Project Mobilization Checklist Template:

This template is used to plan, organize, and carry out the project mobilization process. It outlines all of the tasks that must be completed in order for the project to be successful. It also contains a section where you may record the actual hours spent on each work as well as any issues found along the road, ensuring that they do not occur again when utilizing this template in future projects.

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