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PI Visa for foreign investor in Bangladesh

• In order to apply for a work permit, foreign investors and employees must hold a PI (private investor) or E2/E3 (employment) VISA.

• BIDA issues a letter of recommendation for obtaining a PI and E2/E3 VISA.

• VoAs may be converted to E2, E3, and PI visa types upon submission of all necessary documentation. E2, E3, and PI visa eligibility under the revised VISA Policy 2019 (effective July 2021):

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PI (private investor) VISA: for foreign investors investing in industrial/commercial establishments under 100 percent foreign ownership or joint venture in the private sector.


for I expatriates working in national/international/ government/ semi-government/ autonomous/ private industrial/ commercial organizations/ branch/liaison/ representative office and ii) expatriates working under contractor including EPC contractor/ sub-contract or in projects of the government/ semi-government/ autonomous bodies of Bangladesh.


for foreign nationals engaged in machinery and software installation, maintenance supervision, or project inspection.

Basic requirements for Bangladeshi work permit and visa procedure for PI and E visas:

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Who are eligible

Foreign capital investor

Arrival / travel purpose 

Conducting Investment / business / Commercial organization.

Essential Documents to issue

All documents for Tourist Visa.

Recommendation of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)/Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) declaring that the applicant is a genuine investor.

Essential Documents to extend

Security clearance; request from concerned organization/ institution and recommendation of BIDA/BEPZA declaring that investment of the relevant applicant is existing on.  

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  • Include authorization letter for liaison office;
  • Provide MoA and AoA as well as incorporation Copies of Private Limited (LLC) or Joint Venture firms;
  • Provide a consent letter from the board of directors that includes compensation and title on the letterhead.
  • Send passports and photographs of the directors in color;
  • Do not forget to attach the employee’s service contract or engagement letter;
  • All academic certificate and experience letter copies must also be attached;
  • A wholly-owned limited liability company or a joint venture must advertise in the newspaper in order to hire personnel.
  • Do not forget to provide a copy of business activities that is written on letterhead and signed by the country manager.
  • Personnel listing with organogram (hierarchy) on letterhead;
  • Attach only the income tax for branch offices;
  • There is no place for newspaper advertisements in the liaison office;
  • Application must be accompanied by a Trade License, VAT, Export and Import letter (if applicable), and an encashment certificate for fifty thousand (fifty thousand) US dollars;
  • Ensure that all newsprint and copies are attested by the company’s owner (director) or chief executive officer;
  • A branch, representative, or liaison office is not required to provide a trade license, export and import documents, or a VAT certificate;
  • Only include form 18 B from Bangladesh bank for branch offices that are open.
  • Contact BOI (Old), BIDA, or our law firm to collaborate;
  • Collect form from BOI (Old), BIDA, or our office; attach it to a cover letter addressed to the chairman or director of BOI (OLD) or BIDA.

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General Requirements for all Categories:

1. Filled-in online application Form

2. Photographs (Size 45x35mm and recent one); 02 copies (Photo is mandatory with white background )

3. Valid Passport

4. Payment receipt of Visa fee (No fee is required for Indian citizen). For countries (other than India) Visa fee is applicable.

5. Old Passport required if any

While filling in online, we suggest that you have the following information on hand-

1. Valid Passport

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2. 45x35mm digital photo in jpeg format, maximum size is 300kb

3. Address in Bangladesh (should consist details of Village, Post Office, Police Station, District, Pincode, City and Country)

4. Email Address

PI-visa recommendation:

Documents neededModeFee Time 
1.Memorandum & Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation duly signed by shareholders

2. Board resolution for engaging foreign national(s) in Bangladesh mentioning the name, nationality & passport number. Specifying the sector where the investor actually invests.   

3. Photograph of the investor 

4. Copy of passport of the investor with all arrival stamp & departure seals 

5. The specific activity of the company 

6. Statement of all existing local & foreign manpower with designation, salary, allowance(s) & bonus(s), nationality and date of the first appointment 

7. Encashment certificate of inward remittance of minimum USD 50,000 as initial establishment cost for locally incorporated joint-venture and 100% foreign ownership companies 

8. Up-to-date income tax clearance certificate of the organization

9. Letter of authorization signed by Management of the company for submitting the application. 

10. Additional information with proper documents (if any) 

11. Documents regarding the regarding the engagement of the expatriate. 
BIDA One Stop Service (OSS)No fees 24 hours 
Pi Visa For Foreign Investor In Bangladesh
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Are you intending to get a PI Visa as a foreign investor in Bangladesh?

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