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Working relentlessly towards-Shaping Bangladesh's legal past, present and future

The TRW Law Firm in Bangladesh is one of the Best Corporate Law Firms in Bangladesh which specialises in providing top commercial legal advice and company law services to International clients.

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Corporate Law Firm in Dhaka Dept| Legal Firm in Bangladesh

The Corporate Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh| The Law Firm in Bangladesh deals with Corporate Transcations, Labour, Service tribunals & realted matters , Real Estate & Property matters in Bangladesh.

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Construction Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Law Firm in Dhaka

The Construction Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|The Law Firm in Bangladesh deals with Procurement, Power, Energy, Infrastructure Projects, Bidding and Government Contracts.

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Commercial Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Legal Firm in Bangladesh

The Commercial Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|The legal Source Law Partners deals with Aviations matters, Commercial Transactions, International Trade and Commercial Litigations.

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Criminal Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh|

The Criminal Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh|The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Bangladesh deals with Bail applications, trial representations, appeals, revisions and 561A quashment applications.

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Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|

ADR Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh| The Law Firm in Bangladesh deals with Fraud and White collar crimes, Judicial Review of Administrative Action & Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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Family Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh|

The Family Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh| The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh deals with conflicts and problems related to marriage, divorce, ward ship & child custody.

Bank 16
Finance Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.|Top Law Firm in Bangladesh|

The Finance Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Bangladesh deals with Banking, Finance & Investment, VAT, Tax and Customs related matters.

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International Law Dept. | Top Law Firm in Bangladesh

The International Team of Remura: TRW Top Law Firm in Bangladesh, Tahmidur Rahman, The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh deals with International Law, Cross Border Matters and International Arbitration.

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Information Technology Law Firm Dept.| Law Firm in Dhaka Bangladesh

The IT Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh| The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh deals with IP Matters and due regulatory compliances of Information Technology laws.

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Investment Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|man, The Law Firm in Bangladesh

The Investment Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh| The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh deals with Foreign/Global Investment, Business set up, Citizenship, Capital Market, Stock market Strategies etc.

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Shipping Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|

The Shipping Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|The Law Firm in Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh deals with Marine Insurance, Shipbuilding & Ship-breaking matters, Admiralty, Maritime and Ship Arrest.

Based on our client’s strategic aims we assign one of our 30+ practice areas to client’s cause.(Remura: TRW – Regarded as one of the Top Law Firm in Dhaka)

Admiralty, Maritime and Ship Arrest Law Firm in Bangladesh

Details about Admiralty Department of the law chamber

As a maritime nation on the vertex of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh has a 710 KM of shoreline to set it’s authority upon. It has two main and busiest seaports, one in Chittagong and the other in Khulna’s Mongla. The court of admiralty is situated in Dhaka’s High Court.

All claims and proceedings relating to maritime and admiralty shall be brought before the Admiralty Court.

Because of several variables such as weather conditions, port condition, navigation error, piloting collision etc., Admiralty court is not unusual in such instances. Similarly, property disputes are needed to be brought before this tribunal for local seagoing and non-sea ships, and the same is a periodic item of this court.

Foreign and local bunker providers, crews and mortgage banks often invoke this jurisdiction by arresting ships located in Bangladesh land to recover their duties. The involvement of International P&I Clubs and local and foreign banks is a prevalent affair as it is not possible to insure the release of the vessel without their undertaking or bank guarantee.

Claims resulting from the carriage of products, cargo shortages, cargo harm, dead freight inability to pay freight and hire, etc. are now commonplace as litigants are more worried with their rights. Depending on the arbitration clause, action in rem for charter party claim for sub-freight on cargo lien may also be brought in restricted instances.

TR Barristers in Bangladesh Chamber is one of the leading law firms in this region of law and has extensive experience dealing with nearly every type of litigation brought before the Dhaka Admiralty Court.

Alternative dispute resolution Law Firm in Dhaka

More about the ADR Department of the law firm in Bangladesh

Alternative dispute resolution involving arbitration, mediation & negotiation or mutual conciliation is gaining popularity in Bangladesh owing to multiple awareness-raising initiations from various angles.

Nowadays, business groups are more or less conscious of ADR. Dispute resolution clauses are usually discovered in most contracts in the contract covering all three processes, such as building, commercial, joint venture arrangements, etc.

In addition, our Code of Civil Procedure makes it compulsory for the tribunal to attempt ADR before going to trial. ADR is gaining popularity in Bangladesh due to lengthy delays in resolving conflicts in court.

Over the past few years, our legal team in The Law Firm in Bangladesh has witnessed growing numbers of local arbitration & mediation. For the efficient disposal of issues in this region, a distinct team of attorneys is allocated.


Aviation Law Firm in Dhaka

Know more about the Aviation team of the law firm in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s aviation sector is increasing quickly, especially on an ever-since Govt allowed intra-national private routes. Hence, private firms were permitted to run the airline business.

Although few businesses have attempted to run the airline business, in a very competitive market, only a few are willing to succeed. The demand for legal services in aviation matters is growing as the quantity of transactions has increased in latest years. Airlines, suppliers of machinery and facilities, service providers, travelers frequently seek legal services.

For instance, claims related to cargo, claims for boarding & baggage, recovery of duties, recovery of machinery and equipment, salaries and advantages for the crew, etc. are not very rare for attorneys in Bangladesh now.

There are currently four / five local airlines. In six locations, they provide national services. Two airlines, who used to function, have problems with exceptional duties payable to the authorities at the airport. Recent air crash event in Nepal brought fresh kinds of claims, such as compensation under causality insurance and other losses.

Banking, Finance & Investment Law Firm in Dhaka

Details about the Banking team of the law firm in Dhaka

In Bangladesh, legal services are in high demand in the region of banking finance and institutional investment. Our central bank enables global banks and global organizations to lend to local entrepreneurs in particular circumstances.

For such global banks and organizations, legal service is often needed on regulatory banking. In addition to syndicated loans, project financing requires powerful legal assistance from local and foreign banks. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)

On the other side, businesses often require legal assistance for problems linked to regulatory problems such as foreign exchange, loan inflammation, general banking and financial regulation.

Bank and financial institutions receive legal assistance from attorneys for safety paperwork, such as mortgage, mortgage, mortgage, etc., and registration. Specialized financial institutions take expert legal assistance for funding venture capital, equity, Islamic finance, offshore banking, etc.

Due to the liberal strategy adopted by the central bank in latest years, complex operations and investments for e.g. factoring are now slowly becoming common. For such transactions, expert legal assistance is essential.

Related litigation is a prevalent problem for both borrower and lender recovery where both require ongoing legal assistance. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)


Bail, Trial, Appeal and Revision Law Firm in Bangladesh

One of the best Trial Law Firm in Bangladesh to relive you from stress

Tahmidur Rahman, The Law Firm in Bangladesh Associates are regarded by many to be a leading and specialized legal service provider in Bangladesh, specially in the area of specialist counseling, drafting and advocacy related to criminal prosecution & defence. The Law Firm in Bangladesh attorneys can help you through advice and representation in criminal courts in any kind of criminal prosecution.

Our criminal lawyers are extremely experienced in dealing with all types of criminal law issues including bail, prosecuting wrongdoers under the penal code and other punitive legislation, and defending criminal cases. We are specialized in apps for Bail, trial, appeals, revisions and apps for 561A quashment.

There are two components of our litigation team: District Court & High Court teams. From filing to appeals / revisions & writs, we help in civil, criminal & high court litigation.

Capital Market Law Firm in Dhaka Dept

The most luxurious line up of Capital Market lawyers in Bangladesh

According to the ASIA TIMES report of 1 January 2019, stock market strategists selecting Bangladesh over Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Bangladesh’s capital market is constantly refining itself to perfect regulatory performance, etc. For several factors, including regulatory weakness, the industry has endured a severe blow in the latest past.

However, many reforms have been created in latest times by enhancing regulations, amending legislation, issuing fresh rules and regulations, and so on. DSE sold 25 percent of the leading stock exchange to Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2018, which is expected to play a more proactive role market.

Promoters and large-scale entrepreneurs depend strongly on Capital Market for the capital they need to grow their company. Our Capital Market has experienced excellent entrepreneurship and the development of effective local and international businesses even in the downturn.

On the other side, by investing in businesses that are unable to manage their investment, tiny investors have suffered.

Through their law firm in the foreign industry, foreign institutional investors often guarantee their physical presence in the AGM etc. Disputes involving insider dealing, deadlock between shareholder, exit options, regulatory non-compliance are also prevalent and require legal help from experts.

The Chambers of The Law Firm in Bangladesh have in-depth understanding about SEC regulation and the capacity to navigate the complicated regulatory system governing the capital market. In recent years, we have dealt with a number of complicated problems linked to the capital market.

Child Custody Law Firm in Bangladesh

Find out about the most profoundly assembled Child Custody lawyers in Bangladesh

Tahmidur Rahman, The Law Firm in Bangladesh has a devoted team of Child Custody lawyers who frequently as well as aim for ADR and participate in litigation before subordinate & higher courts.


Bangladesh has traditional family values and a conservative society where social stigma, superstitions and family-related taboos can be hard to seek justice. Our team has extensive experience dealing with complex family problems.


In Bangladesh, we adopt the 1985 Family Court Ordinance and the Guardians and Wards Act (GWA) 1890 when dealing with child custody and care cases. Under the law, a dad is the child’s legal and natural guardian until they reach the age of majority under the land’s general law, namely the 1875 Majority Act.

But in the event of a male kid, the mother has the right of protection up to seven years of age, and in the event of a female kid up to the era of puberty. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)


Different precedents have also been created in this connection by the choices of the greater courts; and the essence of such choices is that the authority of the family court to determine a party’s right to the custody of a baby is not restricted to the mere observance of the’ age rule,’ the notion of the welfare and best interests of the minor child is essential.

Therefore, it is permissible to deviate from the literal implementation of the age rule where the welfare of a child is in question.


Under Islamic law, even if the mom has her children’s physical custody, dad remains the child’s guardian as he is expected to financially assist the child.

It should be noted, however, that in the prevailing social set-up where the father is not the sole financial contributor and the mother shares financial responsibility and in many cases is the main contributor to the family’s financial needs, then the privilege of’ personal and property guardianship’ should also apply to her (PLD 1963, Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)


Commercial & Int. Trade Law Firm in Dhaka

Most Effortless and Savvy lineup of International lawyers in Dhaka

Bangladesh’s GDP wise is the world’s 33rd largest economy. It is the world’s second biggest garments producer.

The nation has, of course, produced its name as an emerging tiger in South East Asia, which is contributing to the development of all associated service industries, including shipping, freight forwarding, commercial banking, as well as legal services.

Smooth trade and international trade involve powerful legal assistance. Conducting due diligence on VAT, tax, custom-related issues, deciding HS codes and valuation, determining terms and conditions of the Sales Contract or Pro-forma Invoices, Bill of Lading, seeking compliance with local and international regulations on foreign exchange control, international trade law, determining appropriate INCOTERMS, UCP 600 etc.

The determination of relevant HS codes and assessment based on the nature of import and export is the key to preventing future disputes and unwanted tax claims. In addition, consistency and consistency of distinct terms in several business papers also assist customers considerably in conflicts concerning cargo payment and delivery.

Legal service is often needed by sponsor / promoter in raising funds, issuing IPOs and also signing various shareholding contracts etc.

Large businesses also carry out due diligence on complicated legislation and regulations concerning the capital market before raising funds from Capital Market.

Disputes involving insider dealing, deadlock between shareholder, exit options, regulatory non-compliance are also prevalent and require legal help from experts.

Because of its worldwide recognized team, Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka Chambers has in-depth understanding about regulating trade and international trade.

Commercial Litigations Law Firm in Dhaka

Hardworking yet Awe-Inspiring team of Commercial Lawyers from Bangladesh

Commercial and international commerce is a complicated area of law. Specializing in this topic needs both in-depth understanding and practical experience.

While Bangladesh is witnessing important development in the garments and textiles industry and few other industries, there are problems related to awareness of international trade legislation, regulations and best practices.

There are large volumes of instances pending involving commercial transactions and there are also regular remarkable claims concerning cross-border transactions. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)

Bringing Cross Border claims by initiating arbitration or filling litigation in separate regions is not very rare in a scenario where parties have avoided seeking legal help at the early phases of commercial paperwork.

Accordingly, there is a frequent need for legal representation for local and foreign buyers and vendors, banks, carriers, stevedores, and sometimes abroad. Rahman’s Chambers is one of the major commercial litigation and litigation law firms.

Foreign institutional investors often guarantee their physical presence in the AGM etc. Disputes involving insider dealing, deadlock between shareholder, exit options, regulatory non-compliance are also prevalent and require legal help from experts.

Because of its worldwide recognized team, Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka has in-depth understanding about regulating trade and international trade. 


Construction Law Firm in Dhaka

Menacing group of Construction lawyers in Bangladesh

The practice of the Remura: TRW Chamber drew glowing praise in the construction arena of bangladesh in recent years. The law firm in Dhaka is famous for both its contentious work and advisory work.

This law firm in Bangladesh advises building firms and contractors with respect to pre-offer and post-offer agreements.

Advice on construction documents such as consortium, joint venture, alliance, pre-bid and post-bid tender associate agreements and other sub-contract documents and Engineering Procurement Contract, Construction Contract, Advance Engineering documents and all related documents on shore and off shore.

Formation of a project/s joint venture (infrastructure) company and related documents for bridges, highways, dams, tunnels, pipelines, mining, shipping, electricity, etc.
As the best law firm in Bangladesh, our approach is realistic, direct, fast and efficient to solve problems faced by customers. Our team is completely committed to solving challenges in the construction industry and it incorporates the expertise of our well-established career in commercial property and litigation.

Corporate Finance Law Firm in Bangladesh

Most Riveting group of Corporate Finance Lawyers from Bangladesh

Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka’s Project Finance Practice Team offers a full variety of legal expertise to finish advanced, extremely structured national and international project funding effectively. For nearly three decades, our attorneys have been active in project financing transactions.

Skilled documentation professionals are joined by lawyers with industry-specific expertise in energy, telecommunications, resources, environmental management, transport infrastructure, health care and emerging markets.

In The Law Firm in Bangladesh, we provide integrated capacity to financial institutions, sponsors, borrowers, agents, investors and underwriters together with assistance from environmental, tax, government finance, real estate, securities and insurance attorneys.(Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)

In relation to traditional project funding models, corporate finance lawyers evaluate, structure, negotiate and document a complete range of project funding cars, off-balance sheet and restricted resource funding, leveraged lease and other structured machinery funding, industrial income bond funding, and build-own / build-own-transfer systems (BOO / BOT).

Often, our lawyers create innovative project financing cars, such as lease securized tax-exempt bond funding and statutory debt offerings.

Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka attorneys advise customers involved in a broad spectrum of industrial and infrastructure projects, including power generation, waste management, water and mineral resources, air and ground transport facilities and other infrastructure projects, as well as telecommunications, healthcare and various industrial and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. 

Corporate Litigation Law Firm in Dhaka

Astounding ensemble of Corporate litigation Lawyers in Bangladesh

Because of the country’s latest fast economic growth and changes in tax legislation, capital market conditions, etc., our company community is now exploring numerous legal corporate opportunities that have been rarely used in the past.

As local and foreign businesses operating in Bangladesh seek alternatives to develop and compete effectively in their own industry by combining with others and in unsuccessful instances seeking alternatives to decrease unnecessary costs and liabilities through liquidation, the demand for legal assistance is gradually growing.

Creditors are also venturing various ways under business and bankruptcy law to regain their duties as soon as possible as the traditional path of filing cash suit has proved futile exercise.

Keeping the requirement in mind, we have launched a distinct corporate department that covers both corporate litigation and corporate transaction practice. Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka Chambers has in-depth understanding of corporate litigation regulation because of its worldwide recognized team. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)


Cross Border Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh|

Authoritative Cross-border law firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the major clothing, pharmaceutical and leather products producers. Due to trade development, the quantity of international trade in various areas of the globe is growing. As the quantity of trade increases, so does at the same moment the amount of cross-border conflicts and demands.

The conflicts generally involve international trade and trade involving cargo loss, faulty cargo delivery, payment default, etc. In addition, there are also big numbers of cross-border conflicts over payment, investment, shipping.

The only recourse available in the lack of any arbitration clause is to depend on the principle of conflict of legislation and to select suitable forums where the matter can be brought before the Court of Justice. Forum shopping is, as contesting sides rarely reach an agreement on a forum, historically challenging job.

Legal service in cross-border matters is complicated because it requires distinct jurisdictional knowledge and skills. From the context of Bangladesh, cross-border legal services in the field of international trade, insolvency, shipping, data technology, accusations for sharing, etc.

Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka as a major law firm had the chance to deal with a number of cross-border issues. 


Criminal Prosecution Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh|

Most menacing group of litigation lawyers in Bangladesh

The Government Enforcement and White Collar Crime Group at Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka is an internationally recognized leader in the representation of corporations, boards of directors, management and other individuals in connection with government investigations, enforcement actions, internal investigations, and white collar criminal prosecutions. 

Cyber Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Bangladesh|

Most Tech savvy cyber law firm in Bangladesh

Cyber Law Consulting team of Tahmidur Rahman Remura: TRW provides an unconventional process outsourcing experience, driven by a mixture of domain knowledge, process abilities, advanced technology and legal knowledge.

By allowing you to concentrate on key tasks rather than waste precious time on non-core and people-time intensive procedures, we assist you attain your company objectives. 

By leveraging our principles of quality and innovation, talent and self-sustaining process structure and domain knowledge, the Cyber Law Consulting team is uniquely placed to serve your needs. We deliver tailored service offers that translate into the best quality services that are most flexible and cost-effective.

In attaining their company objectives, Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka’s Cyber Law team in Dhaka, Bangladesh has been a critical partner for all its clients.

Cyber Law Consulting has in-depth knowledge in providing e-documentation services and process-specific solutions in fields such as outsourcing of legal processes, IPR, e-publishing, e-commerce, software services, audit and compliance.

Divorce Law Firm in Dhaka Dept.| Family Law Firm in Bangladesh

Most compassionate group of divorce lawyers in Bangladesh

Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka has a committed Divorce  lawyers frequently as well for litigation before subordinate and higher courts.

The department has experiences in all conflicts and problems related to marriage, divorce, ward ship, child custody, residence, and all related economic claims, including maintenance, assets, lump sum, etc. We strive to combine our significant knowledge and experience with an attitude to comprehension and caring.

One of the most significant fields of law we concentrate on in our practice is family conflict. With the shift in time, there are increasing numbers of family conflicts in Bangladesh, including divorce and guardianship.

In the mode of Dowry, torture, attack, rape, strangulation, acid throwing, amount of unique acts have been implemented to redress the “abuse in the family” and they are in complete impact. Although the Penal Code of 1860 remedies some of the offense, some are subject to particular enactments.


Equipment, Leverage Asset based Finance Law Firm in Bangladesh

Most Dazzling Asset-based finance legal chamber in Dhaka

Few fields of financial practice have seen higher growth than the arena of equipment financing. Highly leveraged funding structures developed from easy working leases into complex tax and advantageous structures in the balance sheet.

Likewise, the experience of Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka has developed, allowing us to advise lenders, lessors, lessees, suppliers, conduits and credit enhancement suppliers on debt financing, including secured and unsecured loans, pre-delivery financing and cross-border financing; lease financing, including single-investor leases, leveraged leases, tax transfer agreements and sale-lease contracts.

In Remura: TRW, our attorneys structure, negotiate and document the funding on behalf of producers, lenders / lessors, borrowers / lessees, retailers and end consumers of aircraft, rolling stock, cars and other ground transportation equipment, consumer equipment and farm, building, industrial and office machinery.

The Leveraged Finance Practice in Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka:

The cash flow sensitivity of leveraged economic transactions introduces both chance and danger to financial institutions and other senior debt lenders offering the required loan infrastructure for purchases, leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, restructuring and refinancing.

Corporate Finance Group lawyers efficiently and effectively serve lenders and borrowers through the use of a broad spectrum of model credit papers created over centuries of experience.

The credit documentation lawyers of Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka concentrate on short-term paperwork, combined with the thorough legal due diligence needed to safeguard our customers ‘ interests.

Working with lawyers in our industry-specific practices, such as healthcare, insurance brokers, real estate, energy, telecommunications, transportation facilities and infrastructure, the Corporate Finance Group provides a wide variety of abilities to senior lenders engaged in leveraged funding transactions.

Asset Based Finance in Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka:

Documentation, tracking and financial reporting of the Asset-Based Finance Practice are essential for effective asset-based or collateral-based funding. In this industry, the Corporate Finance Group offers financial institutions with the required expertise to structure, negotiate, document and restructure asset-based financial operations effectively.

Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka’s corporate finance lawyers also provide asset-based lenders with concise, definitive guidance in managing complex loan agreements, including ever-present problems of intercreditors and subordination.

Family Law Firm in Dhaka | Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh|

Regarded as the most helpful family law firm in Dhaka Bangladesh

The Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka’s Family Department team has tremendous family experience including all conflicts and problems related to marriage, divorce, ward ship, child custody, residence, and all related economic claims, including maintenance, assets, lump sum, etc.

We strive to combine our significant knowledge and experience with an attitude to comprehension and caring.

In our country’s land, it is evident to note that the disputes over the conjugal status are shaded by the pretense of happiness that, in turn, erupts in a heart-breaking scenario.

The fragile status of such family or marriage or conjugal relationship has a direct effect on the land’s social infrastructure. Our lawyers in Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka have commending reputation to aid distressed families in such vulnerable situation.

Fraud & White Collar Law Firm in Bangladesh|

Glamorously assorted Fraud & White Collar advocates of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an evolving South East Asian country with a qualified workforce and a powerful collective desire to eliminate poverty. The nation as a whole is attempting to enhance its standard of living and per capita revenue.

Although there is a important business and commercial transaction, there are also activities that are categorized as company offenses. Legal support is needed to cope with fraud in local and international trade, fraudulent employee misrepresentation, fraudulent check dishonor, etc.

In addition to knowingly or unknowingly, businessmen are often subjected to financial crime such as TAX evasion, infringement of Foreign Exchange Regulation (FOREX), money laundering, terrorist financing, etc., which require powerful legal aid.

As a result of technological development, the capacity of hackers to commit such offences involving misappropriation of cash, information, etc., known as cybercrime, is also quickly growing and a special tribunal is also being set up to deal with the complaint.

In the corporate and commercial arena, on the other side, instances related to libel and slander under the Penal Code are also not very rare. The Chambers of The Law Firm in Bangladesh from the very beginning of it’s existence are involved in offering legal help in this region of practice to the public sector and private enterprises.

Foreign Investment & Business Set-up Firm in Bangladesh

Fascinatingly well-equipped FDI law firm in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the world’s second biggest garment manufacturer, attracting enormous foreign investment in this industry. Investing in other company industries are foreign investors who have already invested in Bangladesh.

Foreign investment is growing quickly in other developing industries such as construction engineering, power & energy, agriculture, IT, leather, etc. Foreign investors need to set up businesses, branch office, liaison office and also assist them to secure employment visas (E-VISA), investor visas (PI VISA), company visas (B-VISA), job permits, etc.

The establishment of business in export processing zones and economic zones also requires legal support. New investments are also growing, especially in fresh industries such as LPG, LNG terminals, seaports, dam & embankment, bridges, etc., due to significant political stability in latest years and public initiative in enhancing energy generation, implementing one-stop service, etc.

Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka has a separate Investment Department and a dedicated and effective Investment & Business Setup Team responsible for catering to customers ‘ needs. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)

Global Citizenship & Investment Law Firm in Bangladesh

Unconventionally helpful group of Immigration law firms from Dhaka, Bangladesh

In an age of globalization, visa-free travel and mobility facility not only bridges the gap between countries and global companies, but also saves much-needed time and money, which is vital to any business-related individual. Citizenship and passport or even permanent residence in another nation could lead to higher opportunities and company advantages.

On the other side, purchasing stocks of Facebook, Google and tech giants and comparable multinationals continues only a dream for many third-world people and developing nations as those shares are not listed in their stock market and their restrictions on various transactions imposed by their exchange control laws. In such circumstances, legal advice can assist.

Investing in projects enabling permanent resident ship / citizenship in return and also payment in money to the appropriate government authorities for permanent resident ship / citizenship in another nation under restricted conditions may be legally feasible from SAARC nations subject to exchange control legislation and other applicable regulations.

There may be a need for specific legal advice.

Legal due diligence can assist not only people but also government authorities to gain access to global capital that drives projects for economic development.

International Arbitration Law Firm in Bangladesh

Know more about Accomplished group of Int'l Arbitration advocates in Bangladeshn

Because of the rise in trade & investment volumes and cross-border transactions involving Bangladesh, cross-border contracts are signed with the common arbitration clause of ICC, SIAC, HKIAC, ICSID etc. where the arbitration session is frequently held outside Bangladesh.


The country’s associated service industries are experiencing noticeable development. One such service sector is presently in demand in international arbitration.


In any international dispute, where one of the Parties is from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, it is always advantageous for the Parties and the organizations concerned to have well-versed arbitrators with an knowledge of the Parties ‘ language, culture and special needs.



If the arbitrator is appointed from the same region, the party-appointed arbitrator is always better served. Our international department consists mostly of attorneys from the team of ADR, Land & Tribunals, Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka offering services for global arbitration to our local and global customers.


International Law Firm in Bangladesh

Brilliant group for Public International lawyers based in Bangladesh

There are generally two distinct categories of international law. International public law and global private law. Public international law is the collection of country-binding laws, agreements and treaties.

It usually comes from three sources: treaties, customs and general legal principles. The interactions between countries and international organizations are concerned with public international law.

On the other side, private international law is a set of guidelines used to resolve legal conflicts between personal people crossing international boundaries.

Where there is a dispute between two sides with distinct legal systems in distinct nations, private international law enables a court or tribunal to determine the relevant dispute resolution forum and which country’s substantive law will be used to determine the matter. Although it is referred to as’ international law,’ it is actually a body of domestic law and each nation has its own set of international private law.

International law is becoming increasingly important to countries, international organizations and multinational corporations due to the flow of worldwide investment and trade. In both controversial and non-contentious issues, global attorneys represent nations, international organizations, state enterprises and MNCs.

The Law Firm in Bangladesh Chambers advises customers on issues concerning international law, both controversial and non-contentious.

Intellectual Property Law Firm in Dhaka

Alluring group of Patent, Trademark lawyers in Bangladesh

Intellectual Property (IP) legislation is not new from Bangladesh’s view. Bangladesh’s patent and industrial design law dates back to 1911. Whereas in 2000, the copyright act revoked the 1962 Ordinance.

Bangladesh is a member of the World Organization for Intellectual Property (WIPO). The nation ratified the 1991 Paris Convention on the Protection of Industrial Property as well as the 1999 Berne Convention on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and a WTO TRIPS signatory.

In addition to the periodic exercise of attorneys and other professionals in searching, filing, publishing and contesting patents, copyright, trademark, design rights, data IP rights have assumed critical significance and have now entered the mainstream IP works.

A common challenge facing pharmaceutical products, software, and other digital products is that developing the same requires so much investment but the end product can be reproduced easily and cheaply once the formula has been established.

While it is debatable to apply the patent scheme to software, each software will qualify for copyright protection. Mass copying skills have been created, however, owing to the internet, copyright protection is a major challenge.

Local and foreign trademark registration for business and software-based games charters is a prevalent practice area where attorneys are actively engaged.

For more than couple of years, Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka has been involved in filing and recording all of Bangladesh’s intellectual property rights. The knowledge of our ADR, Land & Tribunals Team in this region.

Judicial Review Law Firm in Bangladesh

Most popular group of Judicial Review advocates in Bangladesh

Regardless of any industry in which our customers work, everyone is subject to some sort of regulation whether it concerns their particular industry in which they work or prevalent issues such as taxation, banking, property acquisition, etc.

Business transactions, licenses, licenses and all other company operations of a company or person are often subjected to various regulatory problems and conflicts due to intervention or inaction by the public authority involved.

Procedural violations or administrative actions have been arbitrarily, unreasonably etc. taken in malice can be resolved rapidly by reviewing judicially the same popularly recognized as filing writ petition before Hon’ble High Court, where no other effective alternative forum is accessible.

To bring a case for judicial review effectively and effectively needs in-depth understanding of the legislation of a specific industry and experiences as well. From the very beginning,

TR Barristers in Bangladesh has been dealing with writing petitions involving a number of industries for example, Customs, Banking, Securities, Land, Taxation, Power & Energy to have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the power industry legislation & regulations.

Labor & Employment Law Firm in Bangladesh

Irresistible group of Labour and Employment advocates makes the lineup of this law firm in Dhaka

Legal problems of labor and employment are very prevalent in Bangladesh’s business sector. It’s a periodic affair for them whether it’s a small business or a gigantic MNC dealing with employment law.

Legal assistance is often needed to draft a letter of appointment, a service contract, a letter of termination, a disciplinary proceeding, etc. On the other side, established businesses often require legal assistance to prepare full HR policy in problems with Bangladesh labor and employment legislation.

Needless to say, for the defense of instances lodged in labor courts, powerful legal assistance is often needed. To assist the company community, the ADR, Land and Tribunals team of Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka, consisting of skilled attorneys, dealt effectively with the above issues.

Marine Insurance Law Firm in Bangladesh

Defying group of Admiralty and Marine Insurance lawyers in Bangladesh

Since ancient years of Greek and Roman Civilisation, Marine Insurance was the oldest well-developed type of insurance. Marine insurance is very important in the context of Bangladesh as the country is a maritime nation and the seaports are busy with the loading and unloading of cargoes conducted by flag-bearing ships locally and internationally.

By becoming a member of global P&I Clubs, global flag-bearing ship owners cover their danger. Furthermore, cargo holders also cover their risk by securing their cargo from various worldwide insurance companies. Bearing flag ship from Bangladesh and cargo owners / shippers from Bangladesh mostly cover their risk with local insurance companies.

General insurance, on the other side, includes property insurance, non-marine risk liability insurance, etc. Principals established in age-old marine insurance legislation are also relevant in general insurance, e.g. a duty of utmost good faith and not to make any fraudulent claim.

The Insurance Act, 2010 repealing the 1938 Insurance Act, is the governing law for both general and marine insurance. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)

It is not unusualthat owing to collision, fake cargo delivery, local and international embargo, etc., both P&I Clubs and insurance firms are needed to take steps to rescue their clients mostly in Chattogram Port and other global ports where cargo / ships are from Bangladesh or destined for Bangladesh.

Insurers not only engage in investigations and surveys to evaluate liability, but also help their clients under Sue and Labor cover, etc., at distinct rates. As one of the leading law firms in Bangladesh, in Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka we are advising and representing clients for a number of years on several marine and general insurance issues. 

Power, Energy & Infrastructure Law Firm in Bangladesh

Meticulous group of Energy and Infrastructure lawyers from Dhaka Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, power, energy and other infrastructure projects are exponentially increasing. A nation needs sustainable infrastructure that can meet the ever-growing demand for power, energy, highways, bridges, etc. It is possible to undertake infrastructure projects under G2 G; PPP (solicited or unsolicited) or non-PPP (solicited or unsolicited) acquisition method.

At the procurement level, legal assistance is needed. (Please see Procurement, Bidding & Government Contracts for more data). Legal support is also needed at multiple phases of the project, such as drafting separate agreements, contracts, subcontracts, MOUs, EPC contracts, O&M contracts, etc.

Legal due diligence is highly advised before work begins. Customers often require services to obtain different consents & licenses for services linked to later acquisition or dispute resolution. TR Barristers in Bangladesh is also world renowned in these regards.

Procurement, Bidding & Gov't Contracts Law | Law Firm in Bangladesh

Most accomplished Public Procurement law firm in Bangladesh

Public spending on infrastructure & development projects such as constructing new roads, highways, energy plants, bridges & flyovers, land and sea ports, rail connections, multi-purpose overpasses, etc. has been growing in latest years.

Local and foreign contractors with a high level of competence in particular carry out the said works. The procurement method can be very distinct depending on the nature of the project, industry & stakeholders concerned.

According to the Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPA) policy and guidelines and other procurement rules and regulations, procurement can generally be classified as follows: G2 G partnership for PPP; PPP projects and Non-PPP projects.

Depending on ERD’s “main approval,” a project may be G2 G implemented PPP project (solicited / unsolicited) or only PPP project (solicited / unsolicited) competing with the relevant law ministry & “principal approval” of PPPA. Depending on authorization, the bidding method for the requested project (whether for PPP or non-PPP) may also differ.

Participating in tendering schedules & preparing records according to tender documents instructions, preparing an unsolicited proposition, etc. is a very difficult task for both domestic and foreign bidders. Relevant law comes into play when it comes to bidding / submitting proposals, e.g.

Policy for the Implementation of PPP Projects through Government to Government (G2 G) Partnership, 2017, Procurement Guidelines for PPP Projects, 2016, Guidelines for Unwanted Proposals, 2016, Public Procurement Act 2006, Public Procurement Rules, etc.

Legal services are often needed to negotiate contractual terms and also to take timely action and to file complaints or other legal recourse while assessment takes place in a extremely competitive setting.

Real Estate & Property Law Firm in Dhaka

One of the most Sublime yet hardworking group of real estate lawyers in Bangladesh

Real Estate Development and Management Act 2010 is the authoritative act in regards to Buying, Selling, Transferring of Real Estate in Bangladesh Real Estate Law in Bangladesh.

In the act Section 3 explains the registration of buying, selling and transferring process of Real Estate Developers and their due responsibilities. The buyer or seller can not adjust the quoted price as set out in the deal.

The sum can, however, be changed later if the parties agree to jointly use better materials for the land.

First, in no longer than three months, the owner will sign over the land, registry and principal deed. Additionally, if the property has any difference with respect to size or volume after sale, the price must be changed within three months of the transfer. So keep these things in mind when you buy a property next time in Bangladesh.

Shipbuilding & Ship-breaking Law Firm in Bangladesh

Mesmerising group of shipping lawyers makes it the best Admiralty law firm in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s reputation as a shipbuilding country is gradually increasing globally. As the sector expands, so do the shipbuilders’ and buyers ‘ conflicts. Shipbuilding is a enormous investment project involving joint efforts and financing from banks, abroad, local businesses, etc. Local shipbuilders are now engaged in the shipbuilding work of local as well as global clients keeping the associated service industry busy.

Legal service is often very important to perform due diligence on bank financing, overseas lending, legal health, tax, VAT and customs matters, as well as incentives for such significant building projects for builders and buyers. Furthermore, as a complicated building agreement, shipbuilding contract is mostly drafted by an attorney to cover all aspects of local and international law. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka)

Shipbreaking sector as well as shipbuilding industry is of essential significance as it generates various sectors and others for the steel industry, shipbuilding sector, local and South Asian. Bangladesh’s shipbreaking sector has emerged quickly mainly due to the expense of financial labor.

Shipbreaking sector includes environmental issues, business scrap contracts, sale of scrap products, ship breaking companies, instances of personal injury, liability of employer, etc. Legal service is essential in addressing the above-mentioned problems surrounding Bangladesh’s shipbreaking sector. (Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka )

The Chambers is playing a pioneering role in the legal services of shipbuilding as it has operated for more than 07 years as a significant international shipowner and has been able to recover effectively its million dollar claim against a local shipbuilder.

VAT, TAX & Custom Law Firm in Dhaka Bangladesh

Most Triumphant Tax law firm in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, legal aid linked to VAT, tax and customs is high in demand. Because of its complexity, especially for businesses, fresh investors & businessmen knowing the various formalities concerning taxation is a major challenge.

With income tax in specific, separate statutory requirements for e.g. revenue advance tax, source tax deduction, tax exemptions, tax rebate, processes for filing annual tax returns along with their estimates, etc., and their correlation, which can be found hard without adequate understanding.

Fully fresh laws, on the other side, apply to VAT. Equally complicated is the understanding of advance ATV (advance trade VAT), VAT rebate / input at various trading phases, consumer commitments, suppliers, service providers and various MUSAK filings along with the filing of monthly returns.

Finally, laws and regulations relevant to multiple custom duties, complementary responsibilities, regulatory responsibilities and their relationships with HS code and product valuation are a complicated area of law requiring sound understanding to cope effectively with the problem. In the event of any dispute, legal assistance is often needed to challenge any claim, issue, order before the Higher Authority or Tribunal that may even go up to the Division of the High Court & Appellate.

For such facilities, the Tahmidur Remura Wahid : TRW- Law Firm in Dhaka has years of experience dealing them successfuly.


Inheritance law in Bangladesh

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Import and Export License in Bangladesh

Import and Export License and business setup in Bangladesh International trade, usually referred to as export-import business, entails the purchasing and selling of commodities and services between nations. Because it permits the interchange of goods and services...

Executing a Power of Attorney in Bangladesh

Power of Attorney (PoA) is a formal document that lets one person ask another to do certain things on his or her behalf. It's not strange that many Non-Resident Bangladeshis use it to do business in Bangladesh. Some of the most popular questions about Bangladeshi law...

হেবা কি,হেবা কিভাবে করবেন এবং হেবা সম্পর্কিত প্রযোজনীয় তথ্য সমূহ ২০২৩ এ

হেবা কি ,কিভাবে করবেন এবং হেবা সম্পর্কিত প্রযোজনীয় তথ্য সমূহ— নিম্ন উক্ত বিষয় গুলো নিয়ে আমরা আজকে আলোচনা করবো— ১।হেবা কাকে বলে ২।হেবার প্রকারভেদ ৩।হেবার শর্তসমূহ  কি কি ৪।যে সকল সম্পর্কের ক্ষেত্রে হেবা করা যেতে পারে অথবা হেবা দলিল কাকে দেওয়া যায় ৫।হেবা দলিল...

Public Limited Company in Bangladesh

Public Limited Company Registration or Incorporation Procedure in Bangladesh in 2023Barrister Tahmidur RahmanDirector, Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid Law Firm in Bangladesh24 Jan 2022In this article we are going to talk about how to incorporate a public limited...

Comprehensive Guide for Purchasing Land in Bangladesh

Purchasing Land in Bangladesh in 2023 Whoever has ownership rights of immovable property and is recorded as such in records of rights or other public documents in which a record of ownership is entered or maintained is regarded as the legal owner of immovable property...

What is a Company? What kind of companies I can form in Bangladesh?

According to the Company Act, a company is defined as a person that is artificial, invisible, intangible, and exists only in the eyes of the law. As a result, it has properties that are characteristics of its creation that are either conferred upon or expressed in its existence. It is a group of people who contribute money to it and share the profits or losses that result. It is a type of investment with its own set of risks.
There are normally 3 types of companies in Bangladesh that you can form.
A private company allows its shareholders to transfer their shares. In such a case, the company limits the number of members to 50 and does not entertain any kind of public invitation to subscribe to its shares. Private companies have limited liability and some restrictions on their shareholders' ownership.
A public company must have at least seven members in order to be formed. There is no limit to the number of shareholders in a public company. In fact, public companies issue prospectuses to invite people to buy their stock.
Companies Limited by Shares: In such companies, each shareholder contributes a nominal amount to the share capital, which can be paid all at once or in installments. Members do not pay anything more than a fixed value for their shares, and companies limited by their shares are the most common among registered companies.

How to register your partnership business in Bangladesh?

A partnership can be registered with the Bangladesh Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms ("RJSC")
In most cases, a partnership registration can be completed in one or two days. Here are the simple steps to show how you can register your company in Bangladesh:
◉Step 1: Select a name for the partnership.
◉Step 2 is to draft a Partnership Agreement.
◉Step 3: Register your partnership agreement with RJSC.

What activities you can commence in your liaison office in Bangladesh?

◉ Maintain liaison/coordination between principal and local agents, distributors/exporters' institutions, and other electronic media via correspondence, personal contracts, and other electronic media.
◉ Collect, compile, analyze, and disseminate business information related to its approved field of activities.

What is a Name Clearance? How to get it and where to get it?

Name Clearance is required before registering a new company (other than a foreign company or a partnership firm), a society, or a trade organization.
To begin, you must submit an online request to RJSC for a proposed entity name and make payment to a scheduled commercial bank.

Two scenarios are possible here. One of the proposed names may be accepted, while another may be rejected. If the proposed name is approved, proceed to RJSC registration in the prescribed manner.
If your name is rejected, you can file an appeal to have it reinstated. The RJSC authority manually checks it, and if he believes the name can be provided to the promoter, he approves it.

What is Return Filings and how to get them?

Registered entities must file returns in the prescribed forms and schedules, and RJSC approves and archives such records upon satisfaction. There are two types of returns: 'Annual Returns' and 'Returns for Any Change in the Entity.'
The submission of returns for the fiscal year 2021-2022 began on July 1 and will end on November 30. However, if a taxpayer has a valid reason for the delay, the revenue board will allow them to submit returns without incurring late fees until December 31.

What is Issuance of Certified copies and how to get them?

a. The RJSC is the sole authority in charge of maintaining records for all registered entities (companies, trade organizations, societies and partnership firms).
b. Anyone may request a certified copy of any of an entity's records.c. However, a company's profit and loss statement is not available to the public. It can only be applied for by authorized personnel of the respective company.d. Upon receipt of an application and the required stamp and fee, RJSC issues a certified copy of the records requested.When someone applies for certified copy of record (s) in a prescribed form:Documents for which certified copies are issued for PRIVATE COMPANY (Companies Act, 1994). i. Articles of Association or part thereof ii. Memorandum of Association or part thereof iii. Certificate of incorporation iv. Declaration on registration of company v. List of persons consenting to be directors (1st Directors) vi. Annual summary of share capital and list of shareholders.

How do I close my business in Bangladesh? What is Winding up?

A company that wants to close its business in Bangladesh, or the court has made an order, or the Memorandum and Articles of Association provide for the company's winding up, submits to RJSC documents of winding up procedures and dissolution.

How do I submit applications or returns for my company?

The RJSC Computerized Application facilitates online application/return submission (through internet). If an RJSC client does not have internet (web) access, he or she may submit applications/returns in one of two (2) ways:
1. Using RJSC kiosks (also known as 'Online Submission') or
2. Manual Submission at RJSC counter

What is striking of a company by RJSC in Bangladesh?

RJSC removes the Register a company’s name from its database, i.e it strikes off the name, if it is not in operation any more.

What Documents are required for registration of Partnership firm in Bangladesh?

1.Statement containing the Firm's Registration Particulars.
2.Partnership Agreement Deed.

How do I register my Private Limited company in BD? What documents do I need?

Here are the simple steps of forming a Private Company in Bangladesh!

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association, original plus two duplicates 2. Declaration on Company Registration 3. Address of Registered Office and Any Changes Thereto 4. Director Consent to Act 5. List of Persons Consenting to Be Directors 6. Particulars of the Directors, Managers, and Managing Agents, as well as any changes to these individuals; 7. Evidence of Name Clearance. 8. Special Adhesive Stamps and a Treasury Challan from the Bangladesh Bank to the Treasury (photocopy) of the Stamp Collection

How do I register my Public Limited company in BD? What documents do I need?

Here are the simple steps of forming a Public Limited Company in Bangladesh!

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association, original plus two duplicates 2. Declaration on Company Registration 3. Address of Registered Office and any changes thereto 4. Directors' Consent to Act 5. List of Persons Consenting to be Directors 6. Information about the Directors, Managers, and Managing Agents, as well as any changes to these individuals 7. Declaration Prior to Commencement of Business in the Case of a Company Filing Statement in Place of a Prospectus 8. Agreement to Purchase Qualifying Shares in the Proposed Company (if necessary) 9. Proof of Name Clearance 10. Special Adhesive Stamps and a Treasury Challan from the Bangladesh Bank to the Treasury (photocopy) of the Stamp Collection.

How do I register an International Firm or Company in Bangladesh?

Here in seven simple steps we direct you on how to register an International company in Bangladesh :

1. The Charter or Statutes of the Company, or the Memorandum and Articles of the Company, or any other instrument constituting or defining the Company's Constitution. 2. The address of the company's registered or principal office. 3. Directors and Managers List 4. Persons Authorized to Accept Service Return 5. Notification of the Situation of the Principal Place of Business in Bangladesh or any Changes Thereto 6. Obtain an Encashment Certificate from any Scheduled Bank. 7. Permission from the Bangladesh Board of Investment.

How to register a Trade Organization in Bangladesh?

Here is how register a Trade Organisation in Bangladesh:

1. Original and two copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association. 2. Declaration on Company Registration 3. Registered Office Address and Any Changes Thereto. #160; 4. Director's Consent to Act 5. List of Individuals Agreeing to Serve as Directors 6. Information about the Directors, Managers, and Managing Agents, as well as any changes to these individuals 7. Government Permit (Trade License from the Ministry of Commerce). 8. Proof of Name Clearance 9. Special adhesive stamps and a Treasury Challan from the Bangladesh Bank to the Treasury (photocopy) of the Stamp Collection.

How to register a NGO in Bangladesh?

National non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be registered with the following authorities: Department of Social Services (DSS): Registration with the Ministry of Social Welfare Department of Social Services (DSS). The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961, and related Rules, 1962, must be followed when registering.

NGO Affairs Bureau: If a national NGO wishes to receive foreign donations , it must be registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau as well (NGOAB). Microfinance Authority: Registration with the Microcredit Regulatory Authority (MRA), as required by the Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act of 2006 and the Microcredit Regulatory Rules of 2010.

Department of Women Affairs: Organizations that work for the welfare of women and children must be registered with the Department of Women Affairs (DWA), which is part of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961, and related Rules, 1962, must be followed when registering.

RJSC: Registration with the Ministry of Commerce's Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms. The registration must be done in accordance with the Societies Registration Act of 1860 and the Companies Act of 1994.

Trust: A Trust can also be used to form an NGO. Trust deeds are registered at the Sub-Registrar Office where the NGO's headquarters are located. The registration is required under the Trust Act of 1882.

What to do if a cheque bounce? What legal actions can I take?

If a cheque is returned unpaid, the first step is to serve a legal notice claiming the amount owed. The notice must be sent to the cheque's drawer within 30 days of the date the cheque was dishonored.

If the drawer of such a cheque fails to pay the specified amount to the payee within 30 days of receiving the notice, a case can be filed. The case can be filed under section 138 or 140 (depending on the situation) of the Negotiable Instruments Act of 1881.

What is a Writ Petition in Bangladesh?

A Writ Petition is an order issued by a higher court to a subordinate court or courts commanding them to do or refrain from doing anything. Writ is a type of written command issued by the court. It directs you to take a certain action. Certiorari, habeas corpus, mandamus, prohibition, and quo warranto are the five types of writs.

These writs, which originated in England, were exercised by the judges of the King's Bench and were known as prerogative writs exercised by that Court on behalf of the King. Article 102 of the Bangladesh Constitution provides for remedies comparable to those described in the preceding writs, however it does not mention any of them specifically.

Article 102, sub-section I of clause (a) of sub-article (2), allows for remedies analogous to writs of prohibition and mandamus. Subclause (ii) of the same article's clause (a) allows for a remedy equivalent to a writ of certiorari. Sub-clause I of clause (b) of sub-article (2) of article 102 allows for a remedy comparable to habeas corpus, whereas sub-clause (ii) of the same clause (b) provides for a remedy similar to quo warranto.

Certiorari means "to certify" the proceedings of any subordinate court or tribunal for investigation by the higher court. The High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh may request records of any continuing or ended procedures before any authority or court, including a tribunal, for its scrutiny as to the legality or otherwise of the said processes. Under clause (a) of article 102, not only the legality of a procedure, but also any act done by a person executing functions in connection with the business of the Republic or a local authority, might be determined to have been done without any lawful authority and with no legal effect.

Thus, the remedy accessible under the aforementioned sub-clause (ii) is broader than the remedy provided in a writ of certiorari. In a writ of certiorari, the higher court intervenes when the lower court or tribunal acts without jurisdiction, exceeds its current authority, or fails to exercise its jurisdiction; for example, when it determines a matter without providing the parties an opportunity to be heard.

How many types of Writs are there?

In Bangladesh, there are five types of Writs: Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Prohibition, Certiorari, and Quo Warranto.

How do I register an International NGO in Bangladesh?

Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulations Act, 2016 (FDRA) allows international non-governmental organizations to be registered. The registration must be obtained from the Prime Minister's Office's NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB).

What documents I need to register a society in Bangladesh?

You mainly need only two documents.

1.Memorandum of Understanding 2.Proof of Name Clearance

What is the future prospect of a student studying law in Bangladesh?

A career in law is the most prestigious in the world. Friends and family members are likely to refer to those studying law as lawyers on a regular basis. In fact, many students pursue a law degree in order to work as an advocate.
However, being a lawyer is only one of many possible careers for a law graduate.
We would say a law graduate has excellent career prospects in Bangladesh.
The main issue with this profession is that we must work extremely hard in the early stages of our legal careers. We will begin to enjoy our profession once we have gained some experience in it. As a result, patience is essential in this field.

Which is the best law firm in Bangladesh?

Tahmidur Rahman TRW . Tahmidur Rahman, Tahmidur Rahman Remura Wahid is deemed as one of the finest corporate law firms in Bangladesh.
TRW was established in 2015. It has branch offices at Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. It has been ranked as Band I Bangladeshi Law Firm by Chambers Asia Pacific & Data Guidance in 2019-2020. With a total of 31 lawyers and 6 partners, TRW & Tahmidur Rahman specialises in Banking and Finance, General Corporate Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Corporate Compliance, Capital Markets & Securities, Anti-Corruption & Investigation, Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity, Regulatory & Policy, Projects, Tax and Customs & Trade.

Who is the best lawyer in Bangladesh?

There are a lot of excellent law professionals in Bangladesh. Some important ones would be:
Hafizur Rahman Khan
Tahmidur Rahman
Dr. Kamal Hossain
Tanjib ul Alam
Amir Hossain

What is the vision of Tahmidur Rahman TRW?

We aspire to be one of the world's preeminent law firms, with significant depth and breadth of resources across all continents.
As a single, fully integrated global partnership, we take pride in our approachable, collegial, and team-based working style.
We constantly strive to exceed the expectations of our clients, who include corporations from all commercial and industrial sectors, financial investors, governments, regulators, trade associations, and non-profit organizations. We provide them with high-quality legal advice and insight that combines the Firm's global standards with in-depth local knowledge.
Last but not least, we strive to be easy to work with, approachable, and down to earth.

At Tahmidur Rahman Who we are and how we work?

These values are at the core who we are and defines what we do in the law firm:
◉ Putting the client first We expect our employees to prioritize our customers' interests: we engage in learning about their businesses, their operational environments, and the possibilities and difficulties they confront.
◉ Providing useful advice We provide practical advice: we rely on the breadth and depth of our experience to build commercially viable, cost-effective solutions for our customers.
◉ Putting together the greatest squad We believe in the power of teams, not individuals, and we bring together groups of people with the correct balance of industry, product, and jurisdictional knowledge to ensure effective solutions.
◉Creating a culture based on honesty and respect We are dedicated to developing a high-performance culture based on strong ethical standards, professional integrity, responsibility, accountability, inclusivity, and compassion. Our values-based Code of Conduct establishes the baseline for what we expect of ourselves and one another.
◉Investing in the future We invest for the future: We have always believed that we must invest now in order to establish the firm that our clients will require in 15, 20, or more years. As a consequence, whether it's our people, our know-how, our approach to client service, or our sheer geographic reach spanning 32 major financial centers in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, our resources are second to none.

Why should I join Tahmidur Rahman TRW?

We are proud of our partnership with some of the most elite Supreme Court Lawyers in Bangladesh, where you can complete your pupillage first if you have not already done so. Then you will receive 1 year of Supervised training by most elite Corporate lawyers and in house team in the Gulshan Chamber, which will give you a proper gateway to the corporate law world of Bangladesh.
During your training, if your performance is up to the mark then you will be offered an Junior Associate role in one of the most esteemed corporate law chambers in Bangladesh!
Our programme at Tahmidur Rahman TRW is not only rigorously prepare you for the academic aspects of the Bar Council Exam, but you can be confident that you will emerge with the fundamental skills and technical excellence required to meet the challenges of working as a lawyer at Tahmidur Rahman TRW.
You will have access to world-class resources that have been expertly designed to ensure you are exclusively prepared for the exciting journey that lies ahead thanks to our unique and innovative approach.
We have used cutting-edge learning technology and predictive analytics to put diversity and inclusion at the center of the program.This will allow us to provide the most comprehensive support possible to each individual.

How prestigious is Tahmidur Rahman TRW?

Tahmidur Rahman is ranked as a top tier law firm across the board in different rankings around the world. The Global-wide tables in the Guide demonstrate Tahmidur Rahman TRW's market-leading, multi-disciplinary cross-border and international capabilities. Tahmidur Rahman TRW is ranked Band 1 world wide in different databases and ranking in the following 13 areas:
◉Banking & Finance
◉Banking & Finance: Islamic Finance
◉Capital Markets: Structured Finance, Securitisation & Derivatives
◉Dispute Resolution
◉Employee Benefits
◉Private Equity
◉Projects & Energy
◉ Foreign Investment

What makes Tahmidur Rahman TRW the most unique law firm in Bangladesh?

First and foremost, we have a collaborative and adaptive culture. We collaborate across borders, languages, and legal systems, exchanging ideas and knowledge to help our customers accomplish their economic objectives. Second, we are trailblazers, working on several ground-breaking international deals in Bangladesh.

What are the training seats in Tahmidur Rahman for one year?

Over the course of a year, you will rotate through four seats in our core areas of finance, corporate, and capital markets, as well as one other of your choice. There are also client secondments, international secondments, and split-seat opportunities along the way.

What qualities do I need to join Tahmidur Rahman TRW?

Essentially, we are looking for evidence of teamwork, motivation and drive, communication skills, planning and organization, critical thinking, commercial awareness, and commitment – both to a career in law and to a career with Tahmidur Rahman TRW – in your application.

Who is Tahmidur Rahman?

Tahmidur Rahman is one of the most young innovative Barristers in Bangladesh, who is also a qualified Engineer. He is considered one of the most brightest young law professionals in the country.
An excerpt from a Client Testimonial reads, "I have had immense opportunity of working directly with Tahmidur Rahman on a number of the largest and most important FinTech partnerships in Bangladesh. Tahmidur played a critical role in the contracting, implementation and ongoing management of mobile wallet relationships with banks and in regards to compliance management in MRA. His vast knowledge of the Banking and Micro-finance landscape and his ability to simultaneously protect the organization while advancing the strategic partnership is unique and highly valuable. Tahmidur is one of the strongest legal mind that I have ever worked with and his broad knowledge of the payments/banking space has proven invaluable time and again."

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3) Elite Global Clients
3.2) Based on our client’s strategic aims we assign one of our 30+ practice areas to client’s cause.(Remura: TRW – Regarded as one of the Top Law Firm in Dhaka)
3.9) Comprehensive Guide for Purchasing Land in Bangladesh


What documents to be stored in order to maintain accounts in Bangladesh?

The required documents should be carefully stored in order to maintain accounts in Bangladesh: (i). Purchase Ledger Book (ii). Sale ledger book (iii). Tax invoice (iv). Contractual output invoice (v). Goods transfer invoice (vi). Certificate of withholding tax at source (vii). Credit note-debit note (viii). Documents related to adjustment (ix). Returns, etc

How can I maintain the latest tax compliances in Bangladesh?

Account maintenance is divided into two methods or principles, which are as follows: (i) A cash-based system (ii). based on accrual In the case of a cash-based transaction, there is no room for arrears. However, even when paying in cash, the scope of account maintenance exists in accrual-based transactions. Arrears must exist in business transactions; thus, accrual-based methods or principles are used in all business concerns. Hence, the new VAT law also follows the accrual based principle.

What is Tax Invoice and how can I get it?

A tax invoice is a numerical series of documents containing specified information and data about the supplier's taxable supply. The tax invoice will be in the form VAT-6.3. The tax invoice must include the following information: (i) The purchaser's name (ii). The invoice number (iii). The seller's BIN number (iv) The purchaser's BIN number (in applicable cases) (v) Supply information (vi) The quantity of supply (vii) Price (viii). There's a tax involved.

How do I furnish my Income Tax return in Bangladesh?

Every person who deducts tax at source is required to report the amount of tax deducted to the Income-tax Department. The information will include the deductee name, Permanent Account Number, amount of tax deducted, amount paid to the deductee, date of payment of TDS to the credit of the government, and so on. The Commissioner must be presented with a return. Returns can be submitted at the following locations in order to be presented to the Commissioner: (i) On the Board's online portal, nbr.gov.bd(ii). At any VAT Commissionerate or Departmental Office that is convenient for you, (iii) At any service center designated by the Board or the relevant Commissioner, (iv) At any Fair organized by the Board or the relevant Commissioner, (v). At any other place as specified by order of the Board

What is Turnover Tax Return (VAT) and how can I submit it in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, the standard VAT rate is 15%. 0% of exports are made. Turnover Tax is 3% for taxpayers with a turnover of up to Taka 8 million (VAT is not applicable to them). Supplementary Duty at various rates on luxury goods and services. There are no other lower rates. A registered person must file a VAT Return in form VAT-9.1 and a Turnover Tax Enlisted Person must file a Turnover Tax Return in form VAT-9.2 with the Commission by the 15th day of the following month of the tax period.

How can I submit the turnover late if I miss the deadline?

Each individual who is registered, enlisted, or qualifies to be registered or enlisted is required to submit a Return. It is a mandatory legal requirement. If you are late, an application must be made to the Commissioner in form VAT-9.3 within 7 (seven) days of the expiry of the relevant Tax period. After due consideration, the Commissioner shall approve the application within 7 (seven) days of receipt. However, the extension of time shall not exceed one (one) month.

What if do not submit the Tax Return in Bangladesh?

Failure or irregularity occurs if the Return is not submitted. According to the provisions of Section 85, Subsection (2), Article (F) of the law, if the Return is not submitted, a fine of up to ten thousand rupees can be imposed; your institution will be designated as a vulnerable institution, and all activities, including import and export, will be put at risk.

How can I file Tax invoice in Bangladesh?

According to the Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Rules 2016, the supplier must issue tax invoices in Form VAT-6.3 for each supply. In order to issue the correct Tax invoice, the instructions for filling out the Tax invoice must be followed.

What documents do I requirely keep upto date in regards to VAT?

Other than the Taxpayer's Return (forms VAT-9.1 and 9.2) and purchase –sale information (form VAT-6.20), no documents must be submitted to the VAT office.

How long should I maintain the documents for VAT?

VAT-related documents should be kept for up to five years in order to facilitate tax assessment.

How to give a Divorce in Bangladesh?

Step by step process of giving a divorce in Bangladesh by a Muslim Husband: Step 1 | Pronunciation of Talaq The first step is to say talaq. A husband who wishes to divorce his wife may say Talaq to her. Step 2 | Notifying the Chairman or Union Parishad of the Divorce Soon after the pronouncement, a written notice shall be given to the chairman of the union Parishad or any other authorized officer. A copy of this notice must also be given to the wife. Step 3 | Call the Arbitration Council within 30 days of receiving the Notice Following that, within 30 days of the notice, the chairman shall convene an arbitration council to attempt to reconcile the parties and take all other necessary steps for reconciliation. Step 4 | Divorce Confirmation If reconciliation fails, the divorce will become final after the 'iddat' period of three months. These three months must be completed in order for talaq to take effect. If the wife is pregnant at the time of the Talaq, the divorce will not begin until the pregnancy is completed.

How do I give divorce to my husband as a Muslim in Bangladesh?

According to section 8 of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, if the wife obtains the right to divorce through delegation, she may exercise that right in the same manner as the husband (as provided in section 7) to the extent applicable. Furthermore, under Section 2 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, a wife has the right to obtain a decree for the dissolution of her marriage. The following are the grounds for a decree of dissolution of marriage under this section: i. If the husband has been missing for four years and has not been found ii. If the husband has failed to provide his wife with maintenance for two years. iii. If the husband has been sentenced to or imprisoned for a period of seven years or more. iv. If the husband has not fulfilled a marital obligation for three years or more. v. If the husband was or is still impotent. vi. If the husband has failed to fulfill marital responsibilities for three years or longer. vii. If the husband was insane and suffering from any other critical disease for a period of two years. viii. If the wife was married before the age of 18 and repudiates the marriage before reaching the age of 19. ix. If the wife is subjected to cruelty by her husband, which includes the following: Habitual assault or physical torture leading to an immoral life forces the wife to lead an immoral life removes wife from her property obstructing her in performing religious activities does not treat his wife equally like the other wives (If the husband has several wives)  Or any other ground as provided in Muslim Law.

How can I get dower money after divorce?

According to section 8 of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, if the wife obtains the right to divorce through delegation, she may exercise that right in the same manner as the husband (as provided in section 7) to the extent applicable. Furthermore, under Section 2 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, a wife has the right to obtain a decree for the dissolution of her marriage. The following are the grounds for a decree of dissolution of marriage under this section: i. If the husband has been missing for four years and has not been found ii. If the husband has failed to provide his wife with maintenance for two years. iii. If the husband has been sentenced to or imprisoned for a period of seven years or more. iv. If the husband has not fulfilled a marital obligation for three years or more. v. If the husband was or is still impotent. vi. If the husband has failed to fulfill marital responsibilities for three years or longer. vii. If the husband was insane and suffering from any other critical disease for a period of two years. viii. If the wife was married before the age of 18 and repudiates the marriage before reaching the age of 19. ix. If the wife is subjected to cruelty by her husband, which includes the following: Habitual assault or physical torture leading to an immoral life forces the wife to lead an immoral life removes wife from her property obstructing her in performing religious activities does not treat his wife equally like the other wives (If the husband has several wives)  Or any other ground as provided in Muslim Law.

What actions can I take after divorce against my spouse?

The question that is frequently asked is whether any action can be taken against the other party after a divorce. No, it does not. However, after a divorce, parties frequently file false cases under The Dowry Prohibition Act 1980, Nari o shishu Nirjaton Damon Ain (Act xviii of 1995), or for non-payment of Dower.

Who gets the custody of the Child after the Divorce?

A child's legal guardian is always the father under Islamic law. Custody, on the other hand, is distinct from legal guardianship. Custodial guardianship determines who has physical custody of the child. In general, a mother has custody of a girl child until she reaches puberty, and a mother has custody of a boy child until he reaches the age of seven. However, after this time limit, custody of the child does not automatically transfer to the father. Obtaining custody of a child is also dependent on a number of factors, including the child's age, financial situation, family members of each party, whether there are more people in the family to care for the child, and so on.

What will I get for the maintenance of the Child from my Husband?

Even if the child is in the custody of the mother, the father must provide child maintenance and support based on the child's expenses, such as school fees, travel expenses, and other various expenses.

Can I give divorce if I am not in Bangladesh?

The law is silent on the subject. However, according to Section 7 of The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, divorce requires two notices, one to the husband and one to the relevant City Corporation. This is possible even if you are not in Bangladesh. In addition, the divorce must be registered with the Qazi in order to be kept on record. This can only be done in the presence of the person who is granting the divorce. This is due to the fact that the party's signature and finger print are required. As a result, divorce can be completed in part from outside of Bangladesh.

What if I did not receive the notice of divorce?

The notice is considered communicated as soon as it is sent to the other party's last known address. It makes no difference if one of the parties does not receive the divorce notice.

How can we give divorce each other mutually?

Mutual divorce is when both parties agree on the terms of the divorce and the consequences of the divorce. For example, an agreement is reached regarding child custody, maintenance, dower, and so on. Notice is not required in the case of mutual divorce because both parties are aware of the divorce. After mutual divorce, neither party will have any authority over the other. Mutual divorce certificates are typically issued within 3 to 5 business days.

How many ways of Obtaining Divorce in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, divorce can be granted in two ways. The first is mutual divorce, which is permitted by Section 8 of The Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, and the second is one-sided divorce. A one-sided divorce can be initiated by either the husband or the wife.

How do I register my land or plot in Bangladesh?

7 easy steps to register your land in Bangladesh: 1. Confirm the Record of Rights from the Ministry of Land's Land Office. 2. Execute a property mutation Obtain an inspection for RS mutation 3. The Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) can be obtained from the sub-registry office. 4. Prepare the transfer deed and pay the stamp duty. 5. Pay all applicable taxes, fees, and VAT at a designated bank. 6. Fill out an application for registration at the sub-registry. 7. Register the ownership change with the Land Revenue Office.

How much is the Land Registration Fee in Bangladesh?

1 percent, i.e. 1% of the total land price The buyer will pay 1% of the purchase price as a registration fee, 1.5 % as stamp duty, 3% as VAT, and 2% as local government tax. The Real Estate & Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) has praised the move, saying it will help the sector recover in the face of the ongoing pandemic.

How can I register my land online in Bangladesh?

সরকার অনলাইনে নথি নিবন্ধন, রেকর্ড সংরক্ষণ ইত্যাদির জন্য সরকারী নিবন্ধন অধিদপ্তরের রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসগুলিতে ই-রেজিস্ট্রেশন কার্যক্রম পরিচালনা করেছে। "ভূমি রেজিস্ট্রেশন ম্যানেজমেন্ট ডিজিটাইজেশন ফিজিবিলিটি স্টাডি প্রজেক্ট" এর অংশ হিসেবে ১৬টি রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসে পরীক্ষামূলক ই-রেজিস্ট্রেশন কাজ শুরু হয়েছে। এটি ডকুমেন্ট রেজিস্ট্রেশন সিস্টেমের শত বছরের পুরানো অনুশীলনের অবসান ঘটায়। পরীক্ষামূলক ই-রেজিস্ট্রেশনের এই প্রকল্পটি রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসের কর্মচারী, রেকর্ড ক্লার্ক এবং বিদ্যমান পরিষেবা কাঠামোতে নিবন্ধন পরিষেবার বিধানের সাথে জড়িত নকলকারীদের নিয়ে শুরু হয়েছে। অধ্যয়ন প্রকল্পের সময়, অনলাইন নিবন্ধন ছাড়াও ম্যানুয়াল রেজিস্ট্রেশনের কাজ করা হবে এবং বায়োমেট্রিক এবং কালি উভয় টিপ গ্রহণ করা হবে। ডকুমেন্ট রেজিস্ট্রেশন সিস্টেমে শৃঙ্খলা এবং গতিশীলতা আনার জন্য, প্রতিটি প্রত্যয়িত নথি লেখকের এই সিস্টেমে একটি ব্যবহারকারী আইডি এবং পাসওয়ার্ড রয়েছে। নিরাপত্তার কারণে লগইন করার সময় একটি পাসওয়ার্ড এবং একটি ওটিপি (ওয়ান টাইম পাসওয়ার্ড) উভয়ই দেওয়া হয়েছিল।

How to verify the land ownership in Bangladesh? (Bangla)

নিম্নলিখিত উপায়ে জাল নথি সনাক্ত করা যেতে পারে: 1। কোনো নথি সম্পর্কে আপনার যদি কোনো সন্দেহ থাকে, তাহলে আপনাকে প্রথমে রেজিস্ট্রেশন অফিসে যেতে হবে যাতে ডকুমেন্ট রেজিস্ট্রেশন কার্যক্রম সম্পূর্ণ হয়েছে কিনা, অর্থাৎ বালাম বুক কপি প্রক্রিয়া সম্পূর্ণ হয়েছে কিনা। রেজিস্ট্রি কার্যকলাপ সম্পূর্ণ না হলে, নথিটি অবশ্যই প্রাসঙ্গিক রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসে সংরক্ষিত মূল নথির সাথে মিলতে হবে। রেজিস্ট্রেশন কার্যক্রম সম্পূর্ণ হলে, নথিটি অবশ্যই প্রাসঙ্গিক রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসে বা জেলা সদরের রেকর্ডিং রুমে সংরক্ষিত বালামের বইয়ের সাথে একত্রিত করতে হবে। এই কারণে, আপনাকে একটি নির্দিষ্ট ফি প্রদান করে "অনুসন্ধান এবং পরিদর্শন" এর জন্য মনোনীত আবেদনপত্রে নথির জন্য আবেদন করতে হবে। 2। সংশ্লিষ্ট দলিলপত্রে বর্ণিত জমির মিউটেশন বা নামকরণ সম্পর্কে উপ-পরিচালক (ভূমি) কার্যালয়কে জিজ্ঞাসাবাদ করতে হবে। নামজারীর ধারাবাহিকতা সঠিক কিনা তা এখনো জানা যায়নি। এক্ষেত্রে রেফারেন্স হিসেবে C, S, খতিয়ান ব্যবহার করতে হবে। বিক্রেতার নাম এবং বিক্রেতার নামের মধ্যে বিরোধ থাকলে তা প্রতারণা বলে গণ্য করা উচিত। ৩। সংশ্লিষ্ট দলিলে উল্লিখিত জমির মাঠপর্চাও যাচাই করতে হবে। এক্ষেত্রে উপজেলা সেটেলমেন্ট অফিসারের কার্যালয়ে গিয়ে নির্দিষ্ট ফিস প্রদান করে আবেদনের মাধ্যমে মাঠপর্চা উঠিয়ে যাচাই করতে হবে। সংশ্লিষ্ট জমির মাঠপর্চা অন্য ব্যক্তির নামে হলে সেখানে জাল-জালিয়াতি আছে মর্মে ধরে নিতে হবে। ৪। দলিলটি “হেবার ঘোষণাপত্র” বা “দানের ঘোষণাপত্র” হলে সেক্ষেত্রে দাতা-গ্রহিতার মধ্যে বিদ্যমান সম্পর্ক পরীক্ষা করতে হবে। এ ধরনের দলিল নির্দিষ্ট কয়েকটি সম্পর্কের মধ্যে হয়ে থাকে। যথা- স্বামী-স্ত্রীর মধ্যে, পিতা-মাতা ও ছেলে-মেয়ের মধ্যে, আপন ভাই-বোনের মধ্যে, নানা-নানী ও নাতি-নাতনীর মধ্যে, দাদা-দাদী ও নাতি-নাতনীর মধ্যে। এ কয়েকটি সম্পর্কের বাইরে এ দুই ধরনের দলিল রেজিস্ট্রি হলে তা সঠিক নয় এবং এ ধরনের দলিল মুলে প্রাপ্ত জমি ক্রয় করা যাবে না। ৫। মূল মালিকের স্বাক্ষর নকল করে জাল দলিল তৈরি হতে পারে। এ ক্ষেত্রে স্বাক্ষর বিশেষজ্ঞের মাধ্যমে স্বাক্ষরের সত্যতা যাচাই করতে হবে। ৬। রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসের সীল জাল করে জাল দলিল তৈরি হলে প্রয়োজনে রেজিস্ট্রি অফিসে গিয়ে বিভিন্ন সীল পরীক্ষা করতে হবে। ৭। সম্প্রতি রেজিস্ট্রি করা কোন দলিলের সনদপ্রাপ্ত দলিল লেখককে জিজ্ঞাসা করেও জাল দলিল সনাক্ত করা যেতে পারে। ৮। দলিলটি সাম্প্রতিক রেজিস্ট্রিকৃত পাওয়ার অব অ্যাটর্ণি দলিল হলে সেটি নির্দিষ্ট ফরমেটে প্রস্তুত কিনা যাচাই করুন। কারন বর্তমানে ১৯ টি কলামে দলিলটি প্রস্তুতের বিধান রয়েছে। ৯। আইন ও বিধি সম্মতভাবে পাওয়ারদাতা কর্তৃক পাওয়ার অব অ্যাটর্নি (আমমোক্তারনামা) দলিল বাতিল করার পরও পাওয়ার গ্রহিতা বা অ্যাটর্নি কর্তৃক কোন দলিল সম্পাদন এবং রেজিস্ট্রি করালে দলিলটি জাল বলে গন্য হবে। ১০। সি,এস, জরিপ পরবর্তী সময়ে জমিটি যতবার বিক্রি বা অন্যভাবে হস্তান্তর হয়েছে, তার সঙ্গে জমির পরিমাণ মিল আছে কি-না, তা যাচাই করুন। ১১। দলিলে ব্যবহৃত নন-জুডিসিয়াল স্টাম্প সাধারনত সনদপ্রাপ্ত কোন স্টাম্প-ভেন্ডারের কাছ থেকে কেনা হয়। স্টাম্প-ভেন্ডারগণ এক্ষেত্রে নির্দিষ্ট রেজিস্টার বহিতে স্টাম্প ক্রেতার নাম লিখে রাখেন এবং স্টাম্পে নির্দিষ্ট নম্বর ব্যবহার করেন। এক্ষেত্রে স্টাম্প ভেণ্ডারের মাধ্যমে স্টাম্প ক্রেতার নাম ও ব্যবহৃত নম্বর পরীক্ষা করে জাল দলিল সনাক্ত করা যায়।

How do I check if my land has been registered or not in Bangladesh?

The first step in determining whether or not your land is registered is to locate the schedule of the land, which includes details such as the corresponding District, Upazila, Mouza, Khatian, Dag No., and so on. Then, go to the Sub-registry office that has territorial jurisdiction over the scheduled land and request a search report to determine whether or not there is any registered document pertaining to the said land. One can also go to the Assistant Commissioners Office to see if any documents for conducting a mutation on the land have been submitted there. This is significant because the mutation procedure necessitates the submission of all land-related documents, providing a definitive answer to the question of whether the land can be mutated.

How do I find the real owner of a land or property in Bangladesh?

There are two common methods of acquiring land ownership in Bangladesh are as follows: first, through a registered instrument (such as a sale, will, or gift, among others), and second, through inheritance. In the case of registered documents, information on who owns the property can be found in the corresponding Sub-registry office, as the owner's name is supposed to be registered there. In the case of inherited ownership, the name of the owner may not be present, but the names of his predecessors should be listed in detail.

What is Khatian of a Land in Bangladesh?

Khatian essentially translates to "Record of Rights." Land surveys are used to determine the possession and ownership of land. Each Upazilla is divided into several plots known as Mouza. Khatians are then ready to divide additional plots from the Mouza in order to make a more precise assessment of who owns which plot.

What is Namjari of Land?

Namraji is a mutation of the Record of Rights (Khatians) in which the name of the new owner replaces the previous one. Namjari or Mutation is required to prove one's ownership of a property. Aside from that, it is critical to establish a holding in the name of the new owner in order to pay ground rent.

What are the laws relating Mutation in Bangladesh?

The laws relating to Mutation in Bangladesh primarily include Chapter IV of the State Acquisition & Tenancy Act 1950, which discusses the preparation of a record of rights, and Chapter XVII of the State Acquisition & Tenancy Act 1950, which discusses the maintenance and revision of a record of rights. There are also significant provisions regarding mutation in the Tenancy Rules of 1954-1955 and many government circulars.

After completing mutation, do I become the owner of the land?

Because Khatians are not genuine proof of title, the answer is no. As previously stated, a khatian is simply a record of who has physical possession of the land in question, and possession alone is insufficient proof of ownership in the case of any property. When a person completes the mutation procedure, he or she simply updates the record and, in some cases, opens a holding to pay rent. However, the mutation khatian can only prove one's title to a piece of land if it is accompanied by other title-related documents such as current ground rent receipts, title deeds, bia deeds, and so on.


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Tahmidur Rahman is a trained Engineer and one of Bangladesh's most innovative young Barristers. He is regarded as one of the country's sharpest young legal experts.

He is academically qualified Legal Professional (BA LLB) and CS Engineer (BSc CSE- concurrently pursued four different majors at two different universities) with experience structuring and negotiating complex business transactions such as company formations, registrations, mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, syndicated loans, and acquisition financings.

For the past several years, I've been counseling corporations, investors, and banks on a wide range of capital markets products and financial restructurings, particularly in cross-border settings in rising South Asian markets. I like assisting clients in resolving complicated financial structure difficulties, dealing with difficult market conditions, and navigating Bangladeshi legislation, regulation, and disclosure requirements.

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They are highly trained and exceptionally qualified with both local and international credentials and skills. The current Managing Partner, Barrister Abul Hashem has the experience of practicing in the Supreme court of Bangladesh for more than 15 years and was educated in England and was also called to the Bar of England & Wales as Barrister of the Honourable Lincoln's Inn Society. Partners and partners have extensive experience and skills in their respective fields of practice, ranging from Admiralty, Writ Matters, Business, Criminal and Private Law, Finance Law, Information Technology Law, Investment Law, Intellectual Property law, Divorce & Family Practice.

The head office of the law firm is situated in the Gulshan 1 circle of Dhaka, which is considered to be the financial center of Bangladesh. The firm is strategically situated close to Gulshan 2 & Banani Commercial Areas and is easily accessible from Uttara, Dhanmondi, Bashundhara Residential Area and Badda. The firm works in compliance with strict ethical principles and maintains international standards in the handling of its business.

Tahmidur also gained broad experiences in antitrust, consumer protection, and general litigation matters, with particular experience in FTC investigations, private antitrust litigation and class actions. Within short span of formation, Tahmidur also served several national and multinational corporations which includes Team Group Plc, Seecen International Ltd., Diplomate Resorts Plc, Cloudcone Technology PTE Ltd., Benaul the Piper etc.

TRW as a firm also defends corporations in a wide variety of industries, including pharmaceutical and technology companies. Despite this exponential growth and proliferation of clients, the managing partner still constantly maintaining the firm’s grounded approach and making sure the members of ‘Tahmidur Rahman Remura’ maintain a contiguous and helping hand towards its clients of all norms.

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Address: Jamilla Villa (4th Floor Flat No-C2 House 4/A/1 Road no: 2, Gulshan 1, Dhaka, 1212, Gulshan, Dhaka, 1212, Bangladesh

Gender: Male

Job Title: Senior Associate and Director

How to do a Trademark Search in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, a trademark search can be conducted for both word and device marks. Prior to filing a trademark application, it is advisable to conduct a trademark search to determine the availability of trademarks, the existence of prior identical/similar marks on the register, and so on, in order to avoid any objections and opposition to the mark. Although it is not required to conduct a preliminary search for the proposed trademark before filing the application, it is recommended to do so in order to avoid any objections or opposition to the mark later on. In Bangladesh, trademark searches can be conducted for word marks, numerals, labels, and device marks. The Vienna code can be used to conduct device mark searches. Trademark searches mainly can be classified into the following categories: 1) Word Search 2) Device Search

How to do a word mark search in Bangladesh?

The Nice Classification is followed by Bangladesh's trademark word search edition, and trademark applications can be filed for goods in classes 1-34 and services in classes 35-45. In Bangladesh, trademark searches can be conducted for the desired class and associated classes. It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive trademark clearance search in Bangladesh to determine the availability of the proposed mark as well as to overcome any objections and opposition to the mark later on. Along with a trademark search, a comprehensive company search and domain search of the proposed trademark in Bangladesh is recommended.

How to do a device mark search in Bangladesh?

It is best to conduct a thorough search for a figurative trademark. Individual marks such as stylized letters, numerals, shapes, plants, celestial bodies, living creatures, and so on are considered device marks, as are combinations of marks containing device marks. In Bangladesh, a device mark search can be conducted among the marks filed and registered under the Vienna code classification.

How many Categories of Trademark Search Available in Bangladesh? What are they?

In Bangladesh, trademark applications can be submitted in two categories: Ordinary Functions : Application of the Convention (claiming priority from a convention country) In Bangladesh, Ordinary Trademark Applications Ordinary trademark applications filed in Bangladesh are those that do not claim priority. A trademark application is typically submitted on form TM-1. In Bangladesh, multi-class trademark applications are not permitted. The Trademarks Act, on the other hand, includes provisions for the filing of priority petitions, in which the priority of the mark can be claimed in the said mark registered in a convention nation. Bangladesh Priority Trademark Applications / Bangladesh Convention Trademark Applications A priority trademark application must be filed in Bangladesh within six months on the date the application was filed in the convention country. A certified copy of the priority papers must be filed within three months of the convention application's filing date in Bangladesh.

What are the classes available to do my Trademark Application in Bangladesh?

A trademark application in Bangladesh can be filed in 45 classes: classes 1 to 34 for products and classes 35 to 45 for service marks. The Trademarks Rules, 1963 were issued in accordance with the powers granted by Section 84 of the Trademarks Act, 1940, and went into effect on April 2, 2004. The Trademarks Act, 2009, has been changed, and a notification has been issued by Bangladesh's Trademarks Registering Wing. S. R. O. No.211-Law/2008, dated June 30, 2008, extending the categorization of products and services from 1 to 45. As a result, service mark applications in additional service classes 43 to 45 are currently being submitted and prosecuted. An application for trademark registration must be made in the specified form with the Department of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks (DPDT), Dhaka, together with the required payments. More information on submitting trademark applications may be found on the Trademark Registry of Bangladesh's website, which can be found at the following address: http://www.dpdt.gov.bd/.

How to do Trademark Filing in Bangladesh? Who can do it?

Any individual claiming to be the owner of a trademark may apply for registration of the mark in relation to his goods/services. It should be filed with the Dhaka trademark office. Following the submission of the trademark application, the Trademarks Registry, Dhaka examines it for inherent registrability and/or similarity with existing marks. If any objection is raised, an official examination report will be produced by the Trademarks Registry. To overcome the objection, a response to the examination report must be filed, along with supporting documents demonstrating the marks used. If the trademark application is found to be authorized after inspection, an acceptance order is issued, and the trademark is then published in the Trademarks Journal. If no oppositions are lodged within two months, or within a further term of not more than three months, from the date of publication in the Trademarks Journal, the trademark registration certificate is granted. Trademark registration is a lengthy procedure that can take anywhere from 24 to 36 months if no resistance is lodged by a third party.

Who can apply for a patent in Bangladesh?

According to Section 3 of the Patent & Design Act, 1911, the application can be submitted by any of the following people, either alone or in collaboration with another person, whether or not he is a citizen of Bangladesh: ◉ the actual and original originator of the invention; ◉ a person claiming to be the actual and original inventor's assignee; ◉ a legal representative of a deceased individual who was eligible to make such an application immediately before his or her death

What are the various sorts of applications in Bangladesh, and how do you file a patent application in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, patent applications can be submitted as follows: a) Common Application An ordinary patent application is one that is submitted with the Bangladesh Patent Office without claiming priority over any other application already in progress with any other Patent Office. b) Application (Provisional and Complete) A provisional specification is frequently the initial application submitted in relation to an invention. It generally simply comprises a brief description of the invention and does not have to include any claims. However, a complete specification must be filed within 9 months after the date the preliminary specification was filed. The comprehensive specification must thoroughly detail and determine the nature of the invention as well as the way in which it is to be accomplished. c) Convention Implementation The Convention application is one that is filed in Bangladesh within twelve months of the date of an application filed in a convention nation, whether it claims single or multiple priority from that application. d) Addition patent A patent of addition, according to Section 15A of the Patents and Designs Act 1911, is only an improvement or modification of a previously filed invention. Prior to the primary innovation, an application for patent of addition is not awarded a patent. There is no need to pay a renewal fee for the patent of addition, and it expires together with the main invention/patent. If the primary patent is canceled, the patent of addition may be transformed into an independent patent at the request of the applicant.

What are the Filing Requirements for a Patent Application in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, who may file a patent application? An application for a patent may be submitted by any of the following individuals, either alone or jointly with another individual, whether or not he is a citizen of Bangladesh: ◉the real and first inventor of the invention; ◉the assignee of a person claiming to be the true and first inventor; ◉ and the legal representative of any deceased person who was eligible to file such an application immediately before his/her death.

What documents do you need for the filing of your patent application?

◉ Three English-versions of the patent specification and claims; ◉ Three copies/sets of drawings (if any), one of which should be reproduced on tracing paper or fabric as a formal drawing. ◉Complete information about the applicant(s) and inventor(s) (names, nationality, and address). ◉ Power of Authority for the Agent duly signed; ◉ A copy of the priority document that has been certified (if any). If the document is written in a language other than English, a confirmed English translation must also be filed with the Bangladesh Patent Office.

What is Bill of Lading? Why do we need it?

A bill of lading (BL) is a legal document issued by a carrier to a shipper that specifies the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being transported. When the carrier delivers the goods to a predetermined destination, the bill of lading also serves as a shipment receipt. This document must be signed by an authorized representative from the carrier, shipper, and receiver and must accompany the shipped products, regardless of the mode of transportation. •A bill of lading is a legally binding document issued by a carrier to a shipper that specifies the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being transported. •A bill of lading is a title document, a receipt for goods shipped, and a contract between a carrier and a shipper. •This document must be signed by an authorized representative from the carrier, shipper, and receiver and must accompany the shipped goods. •A bill of lading, if properly managed and reviewed, can aid in the prevention of asset theft.

Why Bill of Lading is Important, What are the Purposes?

The significance of a bill of lading stems from the fact that it is a legally binding document that provides the carrier and shipper with all of the information needed to process a shipment correctly. This implies that it can be used in court if necessary, and that all parties involved will go to great lengths to ensure the document's accuracy. A bill of lading, in essence, serves as undisputed proof of shipment. A bill of lading also allows for the segregation of duties, which is an important part of a company's internal control structure for preventing theft. A bill of lading serves three functions. For starters, i) it is a title document for the goods described in the bill of lading. ii) Second, it serves as a receipt for the shipped goods. iii) Finally, the bill of lading represents the agreed-upon terms and conditions for the goods' transportation.

What is a LC or Letter of Credit? Who issues it in Bangladesh?

A letter of credit is an undertaking issued by a bank on behalf of the buyer (who is the importer) to the seller (who is the exporter) to pay credit for the goods and services provided, and the bank is bound to provide the credit upon presentation of the documents if the documents comply with the contract terms and conditions. The Appellate Division held in Gooryonly (BD) Textiles Ltd. vs. Chartkar 54 DLR (AD) 2002 that "a letter credit is independent and unqualified by the contract of sale or underlying transaction." The letter of credit is the most common transaction in international trade in Bangladesh because it distributes risk in a balanced manner between exporters and importers; on the other hand, exporters bear the risk.

What are the stages of Issuing a LC (Letter of Credit) in Bangladesh?

The stages of creating a letter of credit are as follows: •The agreement between two parties to sell goods. •The buyer requests that his bank (the issuing bank) open a Letter of Credit in the seller's favor. •After the LC application was approved, the bank issued the Letter of Credit to the seller's bank (advising bank) •After receiving the Letter of Credit, the seller shipped the goods to the buyer in accordance with the terms of the contract. The seller will then obtain all of the necessary documents to present to the advising or confirming bank. advising the bank to send all documents to the issuing bank •The issuing bank examines all documents and pays the seller in the manner of LC. •The issuing bank then forwards all the documents to the buyer and collects the payment.

What are the criterias of opening a LC in Bangladesh?

According to the Imports and Exports Act of 1950, anyone wishing to carry on import business must be registered with the licensing authority, and anyone wishing to import by opening a letter of credit must meet the following criteria. They are as follows: a) A registered importer with a valid IRC b) A valid trade license is required. c) A current membership certificate from a local chamber of commerce or a related organization. d) Income tax clearance/declaration in the case of a new arrival. e) Certificate of VAT registration. After meeting the criteria, he must obtain the following documents: •The use of a letter of credit. •Indent/Performa invoice/purchase order/contract/agreement •Charge documents have been duly and properly executed. •Duly signed and sealed Letter of Credit Authorization Form (LCAF). •Note on insurance coverage. It should be noted that the importer must be a bank customer, and the letter of credit must be opened by a competent authority. Finally, it can be stated that a letter of credit is a highly reliable method of payment in international business transactions, and our country's import and export policies encourage the use of a letter of credit system.

What is the procedure of Ship Arrest in Bangladesh?

The Admiralty Courts Act of 2000 and the Rules of Admiralty of 1912 govern all admiralty matters, including the arrest of any ships or vessels in any port in Bangladesh. According to Rule-4, in a suit in rem, an arrest warrant for property may be issued at the request of either the plaintiff or the defendant at any time after the suit is filed. However, the rules state that no arrest warrants will be issued if the party or its agent fails to file an affidavit containing the name and description of the party at whose instance the warrant would be issued, as well as the nature of the claim or counter-claim, and the name and nature of the property to be arrested. The procedure begins with the filing of the suit in front of the Court and the payment of the Court fee. So, in order to file an application for a ship's arrest, the applicant must first initiate a suit by paying a Court fee. After paying the court fee, the applicant must file the Plaint along with other relevant documents in the Court's section office, and the arrest application must be filed in the Court. The issue will then be added to the cause list under the application heading the following day. If the Court determines that the matter is urgent, it will prepare a supplementary cause list and hear the case on that day. 

When do I need an Ocean Bill of Lading?

An ocean bill of lading is a document that is required for the shipment of goods across international waters. An ocean bill of lading serves as both a receipt from the carrier to the shipper and a collection document or invoice. The contract is a legally binding document between the shipper and the shipment's carrier. A bill of lading is a legal document or contract between a shipper and a carrier that specifies the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being transported. When the goods are delivered to the predetermined destination, the bill of lading serves as a receipt of shipment. There are various types of bills of lading, each with its own set of rules and regulations.

Will Bangladeshi Courts accept jurisdiction over the substantive claim once a vessel has been arrested?

Court usually accepts jurisdiction over the substantive claim once the vessel has been arrested. However, the Court may refrain from adjudicating the substantive claim if any agreement of jurisdiction stipulates for foreign jurisdiction. In case of pendency of maritime arbitration, court maintains the arrest order for the purpose of security and stays the substantive suit.

What normally is in a Bill of Lading in Bangladesh?

A bill of lading will typically include the shipper's (consigner's) and receiver's (consignee's) names and addresses, the shipment date, quantity, exact weight, value, and freight classification. In addition, a detailed description of the items is provided, including whether they are classified as hazardous, the type of packaging used, any special instructions for the carrier, and any special order tracking numbers.

What is a Ship Arrest?

Ship or vessel arrest refers to the civil procedure in which a ship is arrested by a court and detained under the jurisdiction of the relevant government authority until or unless maritime claims associated with the vessel are satisfied. Arresting a ship can be done for a variety of reasons, including cargo damage, collision damage, securing a maritime lien, or unpaid pilotage or towage (Captain Md Mobarak Hossain vs MT Dolores and others, 47 DLR 80).

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